El Ickabog es un cuento de hadas entrañable y divertido sobre las aventuras de una niña y un niño con un monstruo.  J.K. Rowling escribió este cuento hace diez años, para leérselo a sus hijos pequeños antes de dormir, y terminó por convertirse en la historia favorita de su familia. 

Durante la pandemia de Covid-19, decidió difundirlo gratis, por entregas, en la web The Ickabog.com para entretener a los niños, padres y cuidadores confinados en sus domicilios. 
La autora también invitó a chicos y chicas de todo el mundo a dibujar los pintorescos personajes a medida que iban descubriéndolos y se iban involucrando en la emocionante trama, con el fin de participar en un concurso que culmina con la elección de las ilustraciones a todo color que aparecerán en el libro impreso.
La familia Haretche se enteró de esta iniciativa por Instagram, “de rebote” como nos cuenta Andrés, el padre de María (Form 6), Sebastián (Form 4) y Paula (Form 2), quienes presentaron sus dibujos para el concurso internacional. 
La editorial iba liberando una sección por día que contenía 2 o 3 capítulos, se leían y al final te daban a elegir entre algún personaje o situación de la sección para que realizarán la ilustración. Eran entre 3 o 4 opciones, una vez que tenían los dibujos prontos de la sección se enviaban a España a la editorial por foto. 
¡Esto duró todo junio y julio y llegaron a presentar más de 30 dibujos cada uno!

A mediados de agosto les llegó un mail que de que habían preseleccionado 3 dibujos de Paula, 1 de Sebastián y 2 de María, lo cual fue una gran sorpresa para todos porque ellos tres decían que no tenían chances.  

Un mes después recibieron la enorme noticia: ¡Cada uno iba a tener un  dibujo en el libro que se editaría para el mercado en español! 

Una de las condiciones de participar en esta iniciativa era que no se podía contar hasta que se publicara el libro, así que tuvieron que mantener esta noticia como un gran secreto hasta el 10 de noviembre, que fue cuando los medios se enteraron y quisieron entrevistar a estos tres hermanos (fueron cuatros los niños elegidos de Uruguay). 

A los chicos les va llegar un libro autografiado por JK Rowling y en el entorno de 15 o 20 a cada uno para que ellos donen a las bibliotecas de su país, como dice Sebastián en la entrevista, Mrs Terra tendrá algunos para que lo puedan disfrutar. 

Andrés relató con emoción toda la historia y aprovechó para agradecer al Colegio el apoyo que les han dado y les dan a los 3, con una mención especial a Mrs Herrán que desde que María entro en Kinder ha sido un bastón muy especial para ella. 

¡Estamos muy orgullosos de ellos y esperamos con ansias ver el libro final con sus dibujos!


Los invitamos a que vean la entrevista que les realizaron en Canal 12:

  • https://www.teledoce.com/telemundo/cultura-y-espectaculos/las-ilustraciones-de-cuatro-ninos-uruguayos-seran-parte-del-nuevo-libro-de-j-k-rowling/  




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Eva Lorenzo, a Form 5B student, has been selected to present her original composition, "Ninja Quest" at the Yamaha World Championship to be held in Japan. Eva has been chosen to represent Uruguay, and this is the first time that Uruguay will be represented in this competition! Due to covid-19, Eva will not be able to travel to Japan, but will take part in the competition virtually. 

Here is some information Eva wrote about her composition:

What inspired you to compose the piece?

The idea came up overnight. It was late and I had a song in mind, but Mom came and told me that it was late and that I had to go to sleep. I dreamed of the melody, and when I woke up I played it. I was inspired by a ninja who is on a mission, trying to save his people.

What part of the composition was the most difficult to compose?

The composition part that was the hardest to compose was the part that is in F Major.

Do you have a message that you want to say so that the listeners enjoy the composition even more?

While listening to this composition I would like people to feel courage.

Here is a link to a video of Eva performing her piece: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Z2MJjMU9GFVg6SAu7 

We congratulate Eva and wish her the best of luck in the upcoming competition! 


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Celebrating learning through the PYP Exhibition

On Thursday 22nd October, Form 5 students were delighted to present their findings and conclusions in person to their classmates and mentors. 

This year´s Form students did not have it easy. They all had to work extremely hard to drive their group inquiry and conduct their research in this new situation. The resilience and perseverance shown by the students, the teachers and the mentors involved has been a highlight of this journey.

The presence of families, who have always supported students on this day, was sorely missed, as they not only bring a very important emotional component to the event but also provide us with an audience to which students can transmit their newly acquired knowledge. 

As a strategy for sharing students' learning process and presentations with families, each group had it’s own Google Site where evidence of their inquiry process was uploaded: how they got to know one another and what their interests were, their essential agreements, questions, research results, their chosen action, photo galleries, videos, interviews with specialists and their personal reflections. There is also a video of the final presentation for families to watch at home.

We would like once again to congratulate all Form 5 students, who despite the challenges imposed by sanitary protocols, presented their learning not only to classmates, Form Teachers and mentors but also to the wider community, in an exceptional manner during the PYP Exhibition 2020. The process clearly demonstrates the inquisitive nature of our students and shows that they are well on their way to becoming global-minded individuals.

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FORM 5 EXHIBITION DAY - “How the world works”

The purpose of the Exhibition is to display the students’ understanding and to celebrate their success as learners, working within the framework of the PYP programme. It is an opportunity for students to bring together all the subject disciplines and utilise all the transdisciplinary skills they have been learning through their time at School. Mentors and Form Teachers have provided some guidance and support in the form of suggestions and constructive feedback.

As a result of this investigation, the task is for students to inform and inspire other people to think, reflect and act on the issues presented.

The PYP Exhibition has been a little different under the current scenario where we all have to take care of ourselves and others.

This year, The British Schools has hosted its first ever Virtual Exhibition, where Form 5 students will share their understanding of the selected topics and express their ideas, virtually.

Each group has their own website to display research results, interviews, photographs, videos and their chosen action.

It has been a pleasure to see students engaged in their learning and so supportive of each other in the process. We are excited to share these presentations with Form 5 families, Staff and Board of Governors. 

Thank you for your continuous support. We hope you enjoy the Exhibition as much as we have!

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Preparation for the F5 PYP Exhibition HOW THE WORLD WORKS is in its final stage..

The F5 PYP Exhibition process is all about student choice, voice and taking ownership of their learning. It is about learners having opportunities to find and think about problems and explore real issues that matter to them.

In the last few days before the PYP Exhibition, everyone is more excited than usual!

As you walk through the Form 5 corridor you can see evidence of real learning taking place. 

There are groups of students collaborating in open spaces or in large, airy classrooms as they work and interact among themselves.

This is a special year for all of us, students adapted very well to “the  new reality” and  followed protocols as they researched in books, in Chromebooks, interviewed experts in Google Meet, created surveys and thought creatively about how to apply them, sent emails to different organisations and did  tests and ran experiments in  the Junior School Lab.

Students, Form teachers and Mentors have enjoyed  every stage of this learning process, working together as a real team.Now it is time to round up investigations and make conclusions to frame the presentations.

On the 22nd October, 100 F5 students will be able to speak confidently about the knowledge they have acquired, show the skills they have mastered, demonstrate how their thinking has changed and how  their understanding has deepened.  All this will also show what they have learned about themselves as learners.

We are creating a site where parents will be able to see the evidence of the process and enjoy  watching students' final presentations.

Form 5 parents will receive a digital  invitation  with a link to access F5 PYP Exhibition 2020 after the  internal presentation that is taking place on the 22nd October.


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F5 PYP Exhibition is here to stay!!!!

On Monday, 31st August, F5 students worked in the unpacking of the transdisciplinary theme HOW THE WORLD WORKS and came up with multiple ideas and perspectives of the theme they each wanted to explore. Students identified their top three or four choices, and using that information the 16 groups were created.

Covid 19 has challenged us in so many ways and the PYP Exhibition is no exception. We had to restructure the way we approach the exhibition process, in order to offer a successful learning experience. To consider the well-being of our community, we had to set clear goals with realistic expectations for families, teachers, and mentors: we defined that our students are our priority.

Expectations are that families will support and accompany their children through the journey, that teachers and mentors will support students in modelling the Learner Profile attributes, demonstrating Approaches to learning and celebrating knowledge throughout the PYP exhibition. We will highlight more than ever the learning process that students will carry out under this new reality.

For F5 past generations, the Exhibition day has been without doubt one of the most memorable aspects of the process. Its big display boards, student performances, oral presentations, and large community celebration were treasured and well-remembered by all participants. The event itself often shapes the entire process and can give a sense that this is the most important part of the PYP Exhibition, when it is really not.

Students will work with their Form 5 teachers and mentors at School and online. This year's PYP exhibition will inevitably look different. Nonetheless, all members will work with the same dedication and enthusiasm during the process.

Stay tuned, more information about the PYP Exhibition will be shared soon.

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On Friday 21st August, Prep students came to school dressed as astronauts.  The activity served as a culmination to the Unit of Inquiry “Here Come the Sun”, in which they had learned about the importance of the sun for life. It was a pleasure to see their faces as they proudly entered wearing their costumes. 

Many thanks to all families who supported their children, and showed such creativity in the preparation of the costumes they wore.   


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Con el retorno de nuestros alumnos a la modalidad presencial en el mes de junio de 2020, luego de las clases online, percibimos una imperiosa necesidad de movimiento. Desde el Departamento de Educación Física, se fomenta el aprendizaje a través del juego, con el disfrute de lo natural. 

En las últimas semanas, nos encontramos en una situación de adaptación, la cual llevó a cuidar y a respetar los elementos naturales. Se destaca el valor de los espacios al aire libre por la necesidad que poseen en estos tiempos (adaptándonos a los protocolos exigidos: distanciamiento social, uso adecuado del tapabocas, correcto lavado de manos, etc). A pesar de la época de frío, el entorno del Colegio posee un paisaje de diversos árboles y flores bellísimas. La existencia de diferentes canchas en excelentes condiciones generan un escenario natural maravilloso. Prima el verde del césped y el azul del cielo, los cuales benefician altamente el desarrollo y el crecimiento en estas edades. Los recreos se han convertido en escenario donde los niños pueden ‘re-crearse’ en su esencia más pura.

Por otro lado, la Educación Física aporta valores para la vida, empezando por la pequeña dosis de ambición creada por la competencia constructiva. Las diferentes edades aprenden jugando y a su vez construyen su carácter mediante el desempeño en cada una de las actividades. El beneficio de estas al aire libre se demuestra en las miles de sonrisas, y el disfrute de los niños envolviendose en el entorno natural. Las clases, ofrecen un gran espectro de oportunidades tales como: correr libremente por las canchas; expresar sus emociones; aprender del cuidado de su cuerpo y el de sus compañeros; la posibilidad de cuidadosamente trepar un árbol, descubrir y desarrollar los sentidos, identificar diferentes especies de aves y permitir un acercamiento del aprendizaje natural potenciando una de las inteligencias múltiples. 

El juego al aire libre mejora las condiciones físicas, construyendo cuerpos activos y saludables, donde se fortalece el sistema óseo e inmunológico. Asimismo, se enseña a los alumnos una manera adecuada de respiración, poniendo en manifiesto la importancia de la misma. 

Mientras más verde sea el entorno diario de los niños, mayores serán los beneficios de su desarrollo mental, físico y social.


La Educación Física disminuye el nivel de estrés, incrementa la integración social y sobre todo fomenta la creatividad y la imaginación. Hoy en día, a través de los valores inculcados por el Colegio les transmitimos a los alumnos seguridad y confianza. Educamos a su cuerpo y a su mente para enseñarles que nada es imposible y hasta la situación más difícil se supera con espíritu positivo. 


Profesora de Educación Física y Recreación 

Sonia Agemian 

Junio 2020


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En el marco de las celebraciones del Día de Europa 2020, la Unión Europea en Uruguay lanzó un concurso de dibujo, con el fin de promover la protección de la salud y la solidaridad durante la pandemia del coronavirus.

La invitación dirigida a los niños uruguayos de 5° y 6° de Primaria, proponía representar en imágenes de forma original y creativa, cómo la pandemia los ha afectado a ellos y a sus familias.

Un grupo de estudiantes de Form 6 de nuestro Colegio, participó de esta propuesta, demostrando no sólo su talento, sino también su capacidad de reflexión, expresión y creatividad en este momento tan especial de la humanidad.


Link a las bases: https://eeas.europa.eu/delegations/uruguay/79448/node/79448_esLa?fbclid=IwAR08ESUMwez-5_wp34ZZx1ioWXTszt_pXU913uj7GmjC3GcmK94Utftxwcg



After more than 63 days at home, we had to reinvent our art lessons as most of the teachers during the quarantine. 

Museums around the world virtually opened their collections so we tried to make the most of this situation. The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles challenged art lovers to post photos of themselves recreating their favourite masterpieces from home.

We challenged F5 to F3 children to choose a well-known painting and recreate it at home using random objects they could find, inviting family members, pets, or even using toys to recreate them.

Now we are extending the challenge to the school community and invite you to share your pictures through mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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