Pastoral Programme - Senior

Learning how to manage conflict is a vital part of personal wellbeing and is an important and valuable life skill. A feeling of personal wellbeing, of encouragement when confronted with difficult situation, can help find solutions as it helps to boost confidence and self belief.




Form Periods

The Form Period is a space for students that provides opportunities for open discussion on a variety of topics, as well as time for them to develop and build as a group.

House & Pastoral Activities

Various activities take place throughout the academic year and promote a sense of solidarity. By involving all students in a wide variety of projects, we continue to develop a sense of belonging whilst also encouraging positive role models as well as providing opportunities for student interaction and reflection.

Students are actively encouraged to participate fully in School life by also participating in elective bodies such as the Student Council and the Prefects who engage in open dialogue with peers and staff about a variety of topics regarding their educational community and School life.



Student Leadership

The role of Prefect, House Captain and House Vice-Captain, Student Representative, are all positions of responsibility within the School-wide community: Students are appointed through an election process (voted by students and staff). Important characteristics required for these roles include; a supportive, caring and fair attitude; positive leadership skills; a respectful conduct towards other; a good role model with a strong School Spirit and good organisational skills.


Year 5 Leaders Programme

Students are encouraged to take on challenges that will face them as role models and their close work with Year 1 students exposes them to the intricacies of being a leader.

Special Assemblies

Special Assemblies also play an important role in Senior and provide opportunities to emphasise aspects of the School’s Pastoral Programme as well as to share interesting and often inspiring presentations, which may also include talks by invited guests.


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