Traffic Congestion - Recommended Traffic Flow Route

The British Schools is the cause of quite serious traffic congestion in our immediate neighbourhood.  This is the product of more and more parents choosing to both bring and collect their children at the beginning and end of the school day, and because of weekend or evening events.  The congestion affects the functioning of the school and adds to the insecurity of children who choose to walk or cycle to school.  To the people who live in the neighbourhood the congestion is a constant and daily disturbance.

The school has offered ways to improve this situation – principally the suggestion of creating a “one-way system” around the school; entering Máximo Tajes from Cooper, and leaving via Córcega. For various reasons the Municipality rejected this simple formal recourse.  However, this does not prevent the school from appealing to its community to respect a pattern of circulation which would ease the congestion, contribute to the safe movement of our children and  offer both respect to, and respite for, our neighbours.

If your children cycle to school there are at least two points of obvious risk:

Crossing Av. Italia.  On almost any given day it is possible to view groups of cyclists crossing Av. Italia.  Quite often, whilst the front of the group crosses on “green”, the rear of the group is crossing this very busy road on “red”.  The strong recommendation of the school would be to cross Av. Italia on foot – pushing the bicycle.

Turning left off Cooper and onto Máximo Tajes means crossing a very busy road at peak time.  Again, students take huge risks that depend on their own competence, that of car drivers and often of the “goodwill” of the same drivers.

For these reasons the preferred cycling and walking route to school is to cross Av. Italia on foot, to similarly cross Cooper at the lights and then proceed along the “service” road parallel to Av. Italia until turning right onto Havre. 

These simple measures would both ease congestion and contribute to the safety of our children.  I hope that we can cooperate in making this happen.  

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