Learning Support

“… providing the educational environment and infrastructure to help students to achieve excellence according to their potential in academics, arts and sports, while recognising individual differences and needs.”
(Extract from the TBS Mission Statement)

The Main Objectives

  • To help students access the mainstream curriculum.
  • Identify as early as possible any students who require differentiated support in their physical, sensory, social, emotional cognitive or communicative development.
  • Ensure that students are fully included in class activities and given the appropriate support in order to promote their highest level of achievement.
  • To identify students’ learning styles to maximise their potential.
  • Involve teachers, parents and outside agencies, thus creating a partnership of support.
  • Maintain a positive, respectful and professional attitude with the highest level of confidentiality.

Identification Process

Identification of student learning needs or special strengths is carried out as part of the Admissions process and continues throughout the student’s life at School.

Assessment Instruments

The Learning Support Department analyses information in the Student Record and uses selected assessment instruments (diagnostic-tests, exams, surveys, benchmarks, standardised tests, observations, statistic results, mocks, IGCSE results, IB results, mid-term and end-term exams) and meetings to gather additional information.

These assessment instruments help the School to make informed decisions for individual students and groups and to plan the appropriate differentiated support or needs.

“Our role as international educators is to value differences and create a school environment where different student needs are accommodated.”
Effective Learning Support in International Schools (2004)


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