Physical Education & Sports


“…The values learned on the playing field – how to set goals, endure, take criticism and risks, become team players, use our beliefs, stay healthy, and deal with stress – prepare us for life.”
Donna de Varona - Olympic gold medalist.


The Physical Education curriculum at The British Schools begins in Kindergarten and extends through to 4th Year Liceo. The programme of activities is age appropriate, with an additional focus on values formation. The extensive Physical Education programme benefits from a wide range of extra-curricular activities that enable each student to develop their full individual potential. The P.E. Department works closely with the School’s Pastoral Team to help students develop a sense of commitment to fair play and a respect for others through positive sporting experiences. Sporting tours are organised throughout the year to enrich the curriculum.

The curriculum design and delivery is consistent with the School’s Mission Statement and offers students a wide variety of activities. The teaching staff implements the curriculum through a range of approaches and teaching strategies that recognise diverse learning styles enabling each student to develop their full individual potential.  

Physical education provides learners with a platform from which they can build physical competences, improve aspects of fitness, and develop personal and interpersonal skills and attributes. It enables learners to develop the concepts and skills necessary for participation in a wide range of physical activity, sport, dance and outdoor learning, and enhances their physical wellbeing in preparation for leading a fulfilling, active and healthy lifestyle.

Physical Education & Sports

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Year Group Example of Curriculum Activities
Kinder & Prep Informal activities that introduce aspects of physical development, coordination and an awareness of their own personal space. Encourage positive attitudes to living a healthy and active lifestyle. Through play, encourage students to enjoy social interaction and develop positive attitudes towards physical activities, and an awareness of values.
Junior: Form 1 to Form 3 Learn about the body through different activities. Work individually or in groups using a variety of resources. Develop different skills and introduce the rules required to participate in sports and games. Continue to develop values and to begin understanding the concept of fair play.
Junior: Form 4 to Form 6 Incorporate activities and exercises focused on posture through exercises of strength and flexibility. Aerobic activities to improve stamina and reinforce the cardio vascular system. Age appropriate practice and participation in different activities such as: Football, Rugby, Hockey, Athletics, Handball, Swimming. Commence programme of sports trips with other schools. 
Senior: 1YL – 3YL Learn about their body, its possibilities and limitations. Consistent participation in practices and games to improve individual health, skills and quality of life. Encourage social integration through sport regardless of individual abilities. Incorporate the concept of fair play into daily life. Active participation in competitive tournaments and championships. 
Senior: 4YL Continue to develop and perfect the specific skills related to each sport, incorporating activities and exercises focused on posture through exercises of strength, flexibility, stamina and speed. Reinforce the acquired knowledge about their body, its possibilities and limitations. Regular practices in different sports to facilitate the consolidation of healthy habits and positive attitudes that encourage personal growth and integration into other social groups.


The Physical Education curriculum is compulsory for all students. This is supported by after School practices where student participation is voluntary.





“…the importance of all human values in all aspects of personal growth and physical development.”
(An extract from the School’s Mission Statement)
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