On Saturday, 4th of September, Saint Brendan’s School held their annual Model United Nations Conference. Although we are returning to in-person events, said conference was held virtually via Zoom due to the ongoing pandemic. The conference was the third one of the year, after Crandon Model United Nations (CMUN), which was held in June. Our School had 23 students participating in the conference, two of which passed their resolutions on their corresponding committees, another two students from 3YL debuted in said conference and two others participated as chairs in the Security Council and General Assembly 3 (GA3). 

In General Assembly 1 (GA1), the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was discussed, and the delegation of Palestine passed its resolution. Regarding General Assembly 3, the social impact of the political crisis in South Africa was debated. Through General Assembly 4 (GA4), the issue of the rapid advance of extremist groups over Middle-East government was addressed. Finally, in the Security Council, the issue of the political crisis in Cuba was discussed, where the delegation of France passed its resolution.

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