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On Saturday, 4th of September, Saint Brendan’s School held their annual Model United Nations Conference. Although we are returning to in-person events, said conference was held virtually via Zoom due to the ongoing pandemic. The conference was the third one of the year, after Crandon Model United Nations (CMUN), which was held in June. Our School had 23 students participating in the conference, two of which passed their resolutions on their corresponding committees, another two students from 3YL debuted in said conference and two others participated as chairs in the Security Council and General Assembly 3 (GA3). 

In General Assembly 1 (GA1), the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was discussed, and the delegation of Palestine passed its resolution. Regarding General Assembly 3, the social impact of the political crisis in South Africa was debated. Through General Assembly 4 (GA4), the issue of the rapid advance of extremist groups over Middle-East government was addressed. Finally, in the Security Council, the issue of the political crisis in Cuba was discussed, where the delegation of France passed its resolution.


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Preparations for the Form 5 PYP Exhibition are already underway. The Exhibition is the culmination of the PYP when students work on enduring understandings that are related not only to academic areas but also to life beyond School.
Students so far have taken some time to reflect on the transdisciplinary theme How the world works and the inquiries that they have been involved with over the past few years. This has resulted in discussions about issues or problems they have noticed at home, in school or in the local area, which will lead to an in‐depth inquiry.
We will keep you informed with more updates in the coming weeks.


Esta semana y por lo que resta de mes de setiembre, el equipo de Senior Wellbeing se ha planteado trabajar en forma transversal la identidad digital, bajo el título “Soy lo que posteo - ¿Soy lo que posteo?”. La actividad se enmarca dentro de nuestro mes de “Awareness and Celebrations”: Digital Safety

El título plantea la misma frase como afirmación y pregunta, con el fin de problematizar lo que las redes pueden mostrar o no de mi persona.

“Soy lo que posteo”: fue pensada como frase disparadora para tratar la responsabilidad frente a lo que posteamos; cómo eso habla de nosotros mismos y lo que puede generar en los demás. Asimismo, reflexionar sobre el impacto del “silencio” cuando vemos algo en las redes que no nos parece apropiado o que lesiona a otro/s.   

“¿Soy lo que posteo?”: fue pensada como pregunta disparadora para reflexionar sobre lo que mostramos de nuestras vidas a través de las redes; si es esto auténtico en relación a quienes somos; el manejo de la intimidad y privacidad. 

Los alumnos de Year 1 a Year 4 estarán trabajando en propuestas de reflexión en los respectivos espacios de Form. Los alumnos de Year 5 lo abordarán dentro de las asignatura ToK.

Invitamos a las familias a abordar también la temática en casa, de forma de seguir acompañando a nuestros adolescentes. 


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El sábado 11 de setiembre, alumnos del Colegio se hicieron presentes una vez más en el concurso "Abogado y Escribano por un día" organizado por la Universidad de Montevideo. El concurso cumplía 20 años desde su primera edición en setiembre del 2001, y The British Schools concursa ininterrumpidamente desde el año 2009. 

10 alumnos de 5YL se hicieron presentes, y luego de pasar la parte escrita del certamen, todos los equipos se ganaron el derecho de participar de la instancia oral donde el jurado nombraría a 4 finalistas. En el concurso participaron alrededor de 70 equipos, de los cuales la mitad lograron pasar a la instancia que se celebró dicho sábado. 

En esta oportunidad, y a diferencia de ediciones anteriores, los alumnos debieron llevar a cabo una "negociación" para tratar de evitar un juicio, por lo que sus habilidades persuasivas debían contemplar no sólo los intereses de sus "clientes" sino la contraparte, que debía sentir que el "arreglo" fuera justo. 

Felicitamos a todos los concursantes por su desempeño y en especial al equipo conformado por Violeta Lacalle y Delfina Paullier, quienes llegaron a la final y obtuvieron el 2do puesto. Delfina, además, se llevó el reconocimiento a "mejor oradora del concurso".


Los equipos que participaron fueron los siguientes:

Violeta Lacalle y Delfina Paullier.

Valentina Guelfi y Lucía Milano.

José María Tejera y Alfonso Zas.

Faustina Álvarez y Milagros Beyhaut.

Agustín López e Ignacio Monsuárez.


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To culminate the second unit of enquiry, "I can grow BIG and STRONG" Kinder students organised a healthy habits fair. They enjoyed a fully outdoors afternoon in a surprisingly warm August day where students listened music and danced in the splendidly decorated synthetic pitch. Students played germ cleaners to understand the importance of good hygiene, they exercised and played sports, hydrating constantly and eating healthy food. 


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Los alumnos de Form 3 realizaron con sus maestras de español Sra.Tito y Sra. Rodríguez un Taller de Arqueología en las instalaciones del Colegio, actividad enmarcada en una de las líneas de indagación de la Unidad 3 de PYP - “Cómo se expresa una cultura del pasado”. Para conocer más sobre los indígenas que habitaron nuestro territorio y el trabajo que realizan los arqueólogos, se recrearon dos zonas arqueológicas entorno a un campamento indígena donde los alumnos observaron, formularon hipótesis, hallaron objetos, manipularon instrumentos como lupas, espátulas y brochas; analizaron el hallazgo y realizaron su informe. 

Los niños disfrutaron de la actividad y nos lo hicieron saber: "el mejor día de mi vida", "esta es la mejor clase de Español que tuve", entre otros.

Valeria Tito


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In 1940, at the very grounds of our school, a society was born. The Perficean Society derived its name from our school motto, perfice, meaning “do thoroughly” or “be perfect”, and aimed to help its members enlarge their knowledge of English and its culture in an instructive and entertaining manner. To do so, they established a school-wide magazine that would become a cornerstone of academic life at The British Schools, covering sports events, extracurricular activities, and other distinguished episodes happening at school. Led during its inception by Arthur J. Hobson - one of the most renowned and loved members of our staff in TBS history - The Perficean would continue to inform and entertain our students until 1985, when it finally came to an end after 45 years.

Now, 86 years after The Perficean’s founding, the world looks radically different, but our want to celebrate school events and inform our students has prevailed against the passage of time. It is because of this that we have created “Hobson News”, a digital newspaper that aims to bring The Perficean to the 21st century. From global news to school events coverage to media recommendations, we made it our task to make our students better members of our ever-so-globalized society and proud members of The British Schools community. This would not have been possible without any of the four teams we currently boast and its constituents: The Writing team (Head: Florencia Lombardi. Members: Carmen Gomensoro, Maia Lyford-Pike.), tasked with preparing articles about current global events, the Creative Team (Head: Fiorella Rossi. Members: Augusto Leborgne, Theo Romero.), which makes weekly recommendations on books, movies, recipes, and TV shows, and covers pop-culture stories, the Research Team (Head: Valentina Sapia. Members: Valentina Casella.), which makes all our jobs much easier by finding interesting articles to cover and doing background investigations on them, and the Management Team (Head: Bautista Martínez), the liaison between us and school authorities that also ensures all articles are according to standard and uploaded on time to the website. Last, but definitely not least, comes our own personal A. J. Hobson, Laura Ferreyra, our wonderful librarian who has helped us immensely throughout this project and personally took it upon herself to assist us when in need. A special thanks also goes to Carolina Rossi, the other half of the library, who helped us spread the word about Hobson News to the rest of the school.

Four months have now passed since we decided to take on this project, and we have enjoyed every part of it. From the complications we encountered at the beginning, to the satisfaction we now have looking at what we have achieved, all steps in this journey have made us improve as people, teaching us important values such as the power of teamwork, hard work, and perseverance. On top of this, we have developed irreplaceable friendships amongst ourselves - something none of us expected coming in. We hope the rest of the school community has enjoyed it as much as we do, for this is our little grain of sand to collaborate on the vast and interesting history of our school.

Bautista Martínez 


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El día martes 24 de agosto, los profesores de Historia de Senior, realizaron una actividad a la entrada del Colegio. Con motivo de la conmemoración de la Declaratoria de la Independencia, el 25 de agosto de 1825, se decidió esperar a los alumnos con una escarapela nacional y una breve alusión a la fecha. Además se ambientó ese momento con música de la época y trajes típicos. El objetivo de la actividad fue continuar con el Desafío de las fechas patrias, esta vez, con una propuesta que cambió la rutina al iniciar la jornada.


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