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The Kifubon Project focuses on providing books for social benefit.
“We at Bunya created the Kifubon project as a means to share wisdom and help individuals and humanity rediscover our empathy and compassion.”
“When enough of us as individuals start practising compassion and empathy in our hearts and minds, it will surely benefit humanity as a whole.”

Mr. Yutaka Kinoshita 木下 豊
President Bunya publishing corporation

Prem Rawat is an international speaker and peace ambassador who has been involved in peace education for over 50 years. An accomplished pilot and art photographer, he is married with four children. In Splitting the Arrow, Prem Rawat presents a selection of stories drawn from his talks and travels around the world. These stories transcend different cultures and address the business of life: what success and prosperity really mean. 

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En Cuando el desierto florece, el orador motivacional y gurú Prem Rawat nos guía en viaje a través de su visión sobre lo que constituye una buena vida y una búsqueda hacia la paz interior. Con un tono amable, historias simples e ilustraciones cálidas, el nuevo libro de Rawat es una accesible introducción a sus enseñanzas.

►Leer más: Leer para estar en paz. (21 de junio de 2018). Galería de Búsqueda, pág. 70.

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