In two weeks the 2019 rugby World Cup starts in Japan. The British Schools is very proud of the fact that we have five former students who will be representing ‘Los Teros’, Uruguay. We welcomed them this week with a special assembly so the whole school could wish them every success for the tournament. Mr Mark Rosevear started off by saying it is good to have dreams, and it is important to try to achieve them, although sometimes they might not come true. The important part is to always do one’s best. For Santiago Civetta, Juan Manuel Cat and Manuel Leindekar their dream of playing in the World Cup will come true. All three played for the school in the 2014 Sanix tournament in Japan, and now they will be returning five years later as international rugby players.  They join Juan Manuel Gaminara, the Captain, and Andrés Vilaseca, who will be playing in their second World Cup tournament. Two other former students, Juan Manuel García and Joaquín Pastore, are part of the staff but unfortunately they could not be with us today. The students asked some great questions and one proudly told Manuel Leindekar that he had his sticker for his album!

Juan Manuel Gaminara concluded with a speech making a very important point. Many of the students’ questions referred to winning, and he said that sport, as well as life, is not all about winning and losing. He clarified this by adding that different people have different objectives, and if they achieve these objectives, then they have won.

The speech in full can be heard here

We are very happy that we could recognise how well the five of them have done, now that they have achieved the first part of their objective. Congratulations, and we send our best wishes to them and the rest of the Uruguay team for the World Cup.


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