Communications Junior 2019

Communications related to Junior are listed below starting with the most recently uploaded. 

Date Subject
21/11/2019 Prep - Unit 6 - Sharing the planet
21/11/2019 Kinder - Unit 5 - How the world works
02/10/2019 Prep - 5 - How we express ourselves
02/10/2019 Kinder - 4 - How we express ourselves
06/09/2019 Form 5 - 4 - How we organize ourselves
05/09/2019 Form 2 - 4 - How we express ourselves
04/09/2019 Form 4 - Unit 4 - How we express ourselves
04/09/2019 Form 3 - Unit 4 - Sharing the Planet
04/09/2019 Form 1 - Unit 4 - How the world works
29/07/2019 Kinder - 3 - Who we are
20/06/2019 Form 4 - Unit 3- Where we are in place and time
18/06/2019 Form 5 - Unit 3 - Where we are in place and time
18/06/2019 Form 3 - Unit 3- How we express ourselves
18/06/2019 Form 2 - Unit 3 - How we organise ourselves
18/06/2019 Form 1 - Unit 3- Where we are in place and timedoc
18/06/2019 Prep - Unit 3 - How we organise ourselves
05/06/2019 Kinder - 2 - Sharing the planet
16/05/2019 Scholastic - May
08/05/2019 Form 1 - 2- Who we are
08/05/2019 Form 5 - 2 - Who we are
08/05/2019 Form 4 - 2 - Who we are
08/05/2019 Form 3 - 2 - How we organise ourselves
08/05/2019 Form 2 - 2 - How the world works
08/05/2019 Prep - 2 - How the world works
22/03/2019 Prep - 1 - All about me
18/03/2019 Form 5 - 1 - Revolutions turn the world around
18/03/2019 Form 4 - 1 - Classifying the natural world
18/03/2019 Form 3 - 1 - We value ourselves and others
18/03/2019 Form 2 - 1 - Healthy mind, healthy body
18/03/2019 Form 1 - 1 - I feel good
18/03/2019 Kinder - 1- How we organise ourselves
21/02/2019 Kinder booklet 2019
21/02/2019 Prep booklet 2019
19/02/2019 New students -Friday, 1st. March
19/02/2019 Carpools

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Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Carlos Rompani welcomed our guests, Mr Martin Wells, Chair of the Board of Governors, Governors, Trustees, Staff, Students and Parents to the ceremony.

The British Schools Principal, Mr Mark Rosevear, referred to the benefits of board games and and the importance of choosing one’s words carefully, in his speech.

There were further speeches from Mrs. Trudy Chappell, The Head of Junior and two outgoing Form 6 students, Maria Victoria Martínez and Inés Varela before Mr. Martin Wells closed the proceedings. Mr. Wells commented on how proud the School is that a former student, Mr. Luis Lacalle Pou, is President Elect of Uruguay. He concluded by thanking everyone for their hard work which has culminated in another busy and successful year. 

See below the Assembly´s photos, the prize winners and Mark Rosevear´s speech.

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and look forward to seeing you all next year.


School Spirit Award


Florencia Novogrebelsky

Delfina Fernández

Camila Bruce

Juan Manuel Moreira

Manuel del Campo

Violeta Reyes

Olivia Bove

Clementina Falcón



Rocío Piana

Clara Hahn

Joaquina Justo

Santiago Gercar

Violeta Azar

Federico Barbosa

Trinidad Oddone

Kiril Svetogorsky



Agustina Albiñana

Felipe Durán

María Herrera

Andrés van Tienhoven

Carolina Mailhos

Exuma Terra

Juan Martín Canuti

Maite Gutiérrez



Juan Pablo Fabini

Olivia Strauch

Chiara Ferrari

Alejo Martínez

Romanella Cruz

Rocío Fernández

Sofía Paullier

Trinidad Brause


Effort and Attitude


Alexia Terra

Felipe Young

Dolores Mora

Clara de Posadas

Clementina Leiva

Nicolás Ponce de León

Benjamín Risso

Thomas Mc Gill



Emma Perciavalle

Eva Lorenzo

Milagros Albanell

Clara D´Angelo

Esmeralda Odriozola

Guadalupe Melhem

Emilia Salas

Felicitas Stapff



Belén Berrutti

Tomás Young

Uma Soler

Federico Souto

Alexis Bruce

Theo Lamaison

Martina Malde

Juan Diego Fiestas



Milagros Piñeyrúa

Emma Preidikman

Josefina Justo

Malena Sáenz

Federica Frechou

Abril Hobbins

Mercedes Olaso

Leah Cowley


The British Schools

Student Award

Emilia Stirling

Isabel Güelfi

María Clara Bía

Emma Dorbessan



Junior Champion F6 Girls

1st Place:

Inés Chahnazaroff

Runner Up:

Emma Hahn

Junior Champion F6 Boys

1st Place:

Máximo Born

Runner Up:

Bautista Pérez del Castillo

Outstanding Sportswoman:

Inés Chahnazaroff

Outstanding Sportsman:

Máximo Born

Football Player of the Year Form 6:

Bautista Pérez del Castillo

Hockey Player of the Year Form 6: 

Federica Chahnazaroff

Rugby Player of the Year Form 6:

Benjamín Rodríguez

Handball Player of the Year Form 6:

Romanella Cruz


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Los alumnos de F6 rindieron el examen de Egreso, el icónico examen que da paso a su educación secundaria. 

Antes de partir a dar el examen, algunos alumnos recorrieron los salones con sus carpetas para saludar a sus maestras de F5 con alegría, entusiasmo y un poco de ansiedad.



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Kinder students visited “El Pinar” neighbourhood. They observed the living things that depend on water to live; they saw ducks swimming, fishing and flying, fish jumping and swimming, crabs walking and hiding and algae floating. They also appreciated the wonderful environment and understood the importance of respecting nature.

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The EYC families joined in for a special day filled with games and laughter. Students, mums, dads, brothers, sisters, some grandparents and even some aunts and uncles joined us in this very special occasion. It was lovely to see children and their families enjoying together, no screens, no phones, no worries, just play!

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Last Thursday morning, we invited the children and the families from C.A.I.F “La Esperanza” to celebrate what was a great year together.

Our Form 6 students prepared lots of games in the gymnasium to share with their little friends. We even had the visit of Santa Claus and his helpers, who came baring gifts for all of our honored guests. To close this activity we shared a picnic together in the House Gallery.


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Prep students finished their fifth Unit of Inquiry “True Colours”. To assess the outcome of the Unit we invited one significant adult per child to help teachers in the Summative Assessment; how well students understood the central idea “The arts can be used to express ourselves”. We received mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, nannies, aunts, uncles, older brothers and sisters. Prep students walked them through the Art Gallery to show and explain them their art pieces; materials they used, techniques, inspiration and ideas they wanted to transmit through each piece of art. We received very good feedback from all the participants, thank you very much for making the time to share such a significant activity with our students.

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El pasado miércoles 6 de noviembre se llevó a cabo una nueva jornada de intercambio entre los niños del Colegio Don Bosco, nuestros alumnos de Junior y CAS. En la misma no faltó la alegría del reencuentro, el deporte y el intercambio de anécdotas y experiencias.
La colaboración sustancial de OBC & OGC en todo momento contribuyó a que esta experiencia sea realmente significativa e inolvidable para todos.

Con esta actividad concluimos felizmente en 2019 un proceso maravilloso que sin lugar a dudas volveremos a repetir en el futuro. 

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