El ciclo del club filosófico llegó a su fin, luego de siete meses, siete encuentros, siete textos y muchas preguntas. En todo este tiempo, aproximadamente treinta alumnos se involucraron, hicieron posible y habilitaron el pensar filosófico genuino. Fuera del horario curricular, solo por amor al saber. Al pensar por pensar. Allá por mayo encendimos la mecha de esta aventura preguntándonos “¿qué significaba hacer algo por el otro?”, y como dijo un alumno, “tal vez sea tan simple y complejo como dejarlo ser. No interferir en su derecho de no ser más ni menos que nadie”. Llegando a fines de noviembre, terminamos con la “vedette” de los temas filosóficos de todos los tiempos; La verdad. Ese “palo enjabonado” que generación tras generación se lo han ido pasando sin que ninguna lo pueda asir completamente. Pero esa dificultad es lo que nos permite seguir pensando, seguir haciendo filosofía, libre, no dogmática, sin ataduras, tratando de evitar, en lo posible, lo políticamente correcto, sin temor al tabú, respetando cada opinión, pero exigiendo argumentos. Así fueron pasando los autores y las preguntas; ¿La belleza reside en el observador? ¿La convivencia pacífica contradice un ideal de Justicia? ¿Vivimos en una sociedad que no tolera lo imperfecto? ¿Es la muerte una derrota? 


A partir del último encuentro volvimos a Nietzsche y su texto “Sobre verdad y mentira en sentido extramoral”. No se hicieron esperar las primeras definiciones. “La verdad debería ser universal y eterna”. “Debe ser una creencia justificada”. El texto puede ser duro, porque el autor lo primero que hace es colocarnos como un animal astuto, que tuvo que inventar el conocimiento para sobrevivir, pero en ese acto hay una soberbia, falsedad y arbitrariedad, que Nietzsche denuncia con severidad. No somos especiales, somos un accidente que algún día dejará de ser. No hay un plan ulterior ni trascendente. ¿Qué hacer entonces? ¿Echarnos al abandono? ¿Deprimirnos? La respuesta de Nietzsche no es tan sombría. Nos dá un golpe de realidad, como la golpiza que Baudelaire le dio al mendigo en el texto del Spleen de París, y nos recuerda que lo más importante es la vida, con sus contradicciones e imperfecciones. Y que la búsqueda de verdad no puede estar sujeta a nuestros intereses ni ser un consuelo. Por eso, hace una llamada a una actitud menos racional y más intuitiva, dándole más importancia al arte, a la poesía, a lo dionisíaco, y cuestionando la razón técnica que quiere que todo sea ordenado y funcional. 


Finalmente, todos reconocimos que este espacio, forjado desde el deseo y no desde el deber, debe retomarse, y es por eso que volverá en el 2020, con otros autores, con otros alumnos tal vez, pero con el mismo espíritu, cuyas bases son el pensamiento libre y fraterno.


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This week saw the Completion of Studies Ceremony for 6YL.

Master of Ceremonies Mr. Agustin Maggi welcomed HM Ambassador, Mr Ian Duddy, Mr. Martin Wells, the Chair of the  Board of Governors, Governors, Trustees, all staff and students before Mr. Mark Rosevear gave the opening address.

Mr. Andrew Bunt, Head of Senior, assisted by the SMT: Cecilia Pombo, Vicente Cancellara and Florencia Paullier, presented school completion certificates to all students.

Julieta Alvarez gave a tremendous rendition of ´Brave’ to entertain everyone.

Head Boy and Head Girl, Andres Chang and Sol Slinger gave witty and humorous speeches about their friends, their time in the school and how much they recognised what the school has done for them.

Finally, Mr. Wells closed the ceremony, wishing the students every success for the future.


Mark Rosevear´s speech: 

I imagine some of the parents in this room are thinking, ‘I cannot believe my child is finishing school’. Some of the students in the room will be thinking, ‘Yippee, I have finished school!’  You, like other students your age around the world, are ready to move on. We hope you have enjoyed your time here, and we hope you have learned something, and I do not just mean academic study. Everybody at school wants you to feel ready to face the next challenge in your lives.

I wonder if, like me, you are a little bored with people talking about how uncertain the world is now, and how jobs are different, how we don’t know the skills needed for the future and technology has changed everything. I am not sure how much is really that different than before, except maybe the pace of the change. When I was your age, people were saying that the use of calculators would be the end of students’ mathematical skills. Sadly, for those of you who are not fans of maths, that did not prove correct and we have both calculators and still learn maths, but maybe we learn it a little differently.   

I wish to speak tonight about making decisions, and dealing with change. Both strike me as appropriate topics, especially as you are about to experience a big change in your lives.  An old Celtic saying was, ‘the day of my death and the hour of my passing was decided long ago’. This is fate, and implies we have no say in our destiny. Is your future decided, or do you decide it? I know that might sound a little new age, but please bear with me.

So much comes down to making decisions. Everyone must take responsibility for their lives and for the decisions they make. Does that mean luck or destiny or fortune is not involved? No, almost certainly not, for some events occur that we have little control over.  But your decisions shape where you go.

50 years ago, man first landed on the moon. I was a little young to remember it, but my mother told me I watched it with interest (on a black and white TV that probably weighed around 30kg), and like many young boys of the time, then told my parents that I was going to be an astronaut. As I am sure you can see, that did not happen.  Some of you might even be thinking of a career as a professional rugby player based in Uruguay. Even two years ago, nobody would have believed that possible.   Some of you will have decided on your careers, rugby player, astronaut or otherwise, and others will be unsure, and will change their minds more than once. There is nothing wrong with changing your mind. Confucius said that, ‘only the wisest and stupidest of men never change’.  

The economist JM Keynes was once asked why he had changed his opinion over an issue that was being discussed. He replied, “When my information changes, I alter my conclusions. What do you do, sir?" This sounds fairly obvious, but unfortunately, it is very difficult for most people to do. Many studies have shown that once someone has invested time and effort in a project, and often money, even if they can see it is not working, they still continue along the same path. Why? It is called cognitive dissonance, and it affects all of us. We do not like to let go of ideas once we have invested in them. But at times, we must. Change is always with us, and as Benjamin Franklin wrote, ‘when you are finished changing, you are finished’.

Life can take you down many unexpected paths, and you meet many different people. You will not like all of them, but you have to learn how to interact with them. I learned more from a man who was a carpenter, than I learned from many highly educated people who I met in my life. I also learned a lot from many highly educated people. There is no formula. Treat everyone with respect, and listen to different ideas.

 You have more opportunities now than ever. But choosing which to take is also harder. More opportunities mean more competition for those places. Competition is not a dirty word, but how you compete is very important. Most of you will be managers or leaders when you start work, and some of you will become very successful in your fields, but you will always need to remember those you work for you, and how to treat them well. Always remember that sometimes the people worth listening to are not necessarily the oldest, the loudest (who are often the most dangerous or least likely to offer good judgment), the ones with the best reputations or the most qualifications - but sometimes they can be. That is where you will need to use your judgment to decide whose opinions are worth listening to, and whose are not. But you will need to decide. As Margaret Thatcher famously remarked, ‘standing in the middle of the road is dangerous. You get run over by both sides.’ And sometimes, no matter how hard, you might need to think differently and change your direction of thought.

I am still relatively new to the school, although I mean it in the best possible way when I say it feels like I have been here for years. Today I can make this speech and honestly say I got to know some of you quite well. I was a tutor to some, accompanied the boys on the rugby tour, and covered classes with others. I have been impressed with you as people, even if some of you fought the words, ‘planning’ and ‘deadlines’ with an almost ideological fanaticism.

The late Joe Strummer of The Clash, wrote that ‘The Future is Unwritten’.  Sir Winston Churchill, a man not lacking in self-confidence, wrote that ‘history will be kind to me for I intend to write it’.  For all of you here, your future is unwritten. Make sure you are the ones who write it.



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El martes 26 de noviembre nos visitó el escritor Márcos Vázquez, autor de numerosas novelas infantiles y juveniles para darle una charla a los alumnos de primero y segundo de liceo.

El evento se llevó a cabo en el Green Room. Los chicos (y grandes) disfrutaron muchísimo de los cuentos y anécdotas sobre la creación de algunas novelas que han leído durante el año y otras que compartiremos el próximo año. También aprendimos mucho sobre el proceso creativo literario del autor.

Muchas gracias Márcos por tu visita. 

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On Monday 25th November all 5YL students participated in the Group 4 Science Project which is a compulsory part of their IB Internal Assessment in their Science subjects. During the project which took 10 hours to complete, students worked in groups on a topic of their choice that was connected to the theme of Food Science and Technology. The aim of the project was for students to work collaboratively and show 21st century communication skills. The project culminated in a science fair exhibition where they had the opportunity to explain their work to visitors from other classes as well as teachers from the Senior and Junior schools. The exhibition was well received and many teachers commented how interesting and informative the projects were. The twenty one projects covered a broad range of food science questions including why does popcorn pop, how come you can freeze raspberries but not strawberries, do hot chillies raise your body temperature and how do artificial sweeteners work?

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On Saturday, 23rd November, 21 The British Schools' students attended ICMUN in Punta del Este.  At this Model United Nations conference organised by International College, our school represented the delegations of China, Mexico and Morocco.

We are proud of all participants for their commitment and excellent performance. The following achievements deserve to be highlighted:

  • Malena Jorba (4YL) passed a resolution against the legalisation of abortion.
  • Elisabeth Wendel (4YL) secured approval of a resolution on drones and the invasion of privacy.
  • A resolution on the use of cannabis for medical purposes drafted by Sophia Bakkalian (3YL) was debated in GA6 (Legal Committee), chaired by Agustín López (3YL).
  • Gabriel Faes (3YL) was assigned to GA4 (Special Political and Decolonisation Committee), where he moderated the debate for the first time.
  • Federico Schuscheim (4YL) attended his first MUN conference and covered the event as a member of the Media Team.

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La categoria m13 de British ganó la final del torneo de m13 de la LID frente a Woodlands 5 a 1. 

El sólido plantel clasificó a la Copa de Oro durante el año jugando contra todos los colegios de la LID, ganando más de 10 partidos. A la Copa de Oro clasificaron 5 colegios, otros 5 colegios a la Copa de Plata y 4 a la de Bronce. En la copa de oro ganó sus 5 partidos y eso le permitió ganar la categoría de forma invicta. 

¡Queremos felicitar a los chicos de m13 y a sus coaches por esta campaña!


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El sábado pasado las alumnas de F5 y F6 que forman parte del plantel de Handball, participaron del encuentro de Beach Handball realizado en Playa Verde de Montevideo. El mismo tuvo como objetivo el cierre de la actividad de Handball de este año.

El encuentro contó con la participación de 10 colegios y con más de 300 jugadoras, ¡en 5 canchas simultáneas!

Pudimos también disfrutar de una demostración de la selección de Beach Handball, la cual fue gratamente recibida por parte de todos los espectadores.

Felicitamos y agradecemos a las alumnas y familias que participaron de esta mañana a puro Handball la cual se realizó con gran disfrute, alegría y muy buen desempeño por parte de nuestras alumnas!


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El sábado 16 de noviembre se disputó la jornada final de la Liga Inicial de Fútbol, en la cual competimos con la categoría Sub 16 femenino desde el segundo semestre del año. En una jornada muy amena se jugaron partidos amistosos de integración y fútbol tenis.

Hubo entrega de medallas, diplomas y plaquetas para cada equipo participante.

Es un formato que no busca resultados sino participación. 

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Entre viernes 9, sabado 10 y domingo 12 más de 150 alumnos del Colegio participaron de los torneos de rugby y hockey en el Carrasco Polo.

En rugby, la categoria M17 obtuvo la Copa de Oro, ganando en finales sucesivamente a OCC por 12-6, Seminario por 14-6 y la final a Polo por 10-5. A su vez la M15 llegó a cuartos de la Copa de Oro y la M14 y la M13 jugaron 4 partidos cada una en forma de jornada.

En hockey, la categoria M19 del club obtuvo la Copa de Oro en definición por penales vs al gran equipo de náutico. La M16 que fue con 3 equipos llegó a la final de Copa de Oro y la M14 también con varios equipos llegando a semis de oro. Un fin de semana de muchos éxitos tanto para el hockey como para el rugby.

¡Felicitaciones a todos los jugadores y coaches!






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