Welcome Senior Prefects 2014

Our newly appointed Prefects are ready to embrace the challenges of a full and exciting academic year. The Prefects are appointed through an election process, voted by students and staff. The qualities sought in a candidate include; supportive, caring, and fair; a person with positive leadership skills; a respectful conduct towards others; has good organisational skills, and is a good role model with a strong sense of School Spirit.

1st Row: Iara Lindemann (Head of Senior), Inés Buero, Lilian Wang, Stephanie Cooper, Federica Sapelli
2nd Row: Martina Puente, María Clara Alvarez, Valentín Benoit, Federica Freyre, Ignacio Parral, Dora Sajevicius (Director of Liceo), Angela Storace (Pastoral Team)
3rd Row: Julio Reolón, Lucas Cobham, Josemaría Motta, Eugenio Plottier, Felipe Azadián, Santiago Strauch, Vicente Cancellara (Pastoral Team), David Rennie (Director of International Programme)
Absent: Paula Costa and María Eugenia Moro


Head Girl Paula Costa María Clara Alvarez
Head Boy Josemaría Motta Inés Buero
Lilian Wang María Eugenio Moro
Federica Sapelli Martina Puente
Stephanie Cooper Santiago Strauch
Federica Freyre Lucas Cobham
Valentín Benoit Felipe Azadián
Julio Reolón Ignacio Parral
Eugenio Plottier  


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