Values Programme - Junior

Pastoral in Junior

Pastoral in Junior encompasses a range of elements, all of which help to build the School’s “Values Programme”. Throughout the year Pastoral activities take on many guises, including activities within the School community as well as with the widercommunity beyond. The aim, through a variety of initiatives, is to help promote and encourage a sense of caring through empathy and collaborative commitment.


Through the Peer Mediation Programme, the Pastoral Team teach Middle School students mediation techniques to help them and others solve their problems in a proactive way in order to reach win-win solutions.

In Form 5, students start putting into practice the mediation techniques taught through the 3P programme. In Form 6, the students volunteer to help in the playground in order to use these skills to work in pairs as Peer Mediators in the Infant playground (students helping students). Two important concepts are active listening and mediation techniques as impartial and honest communicators.

The “Fairplay Policy” initiative in Junior is a well established and integral part of the Pastoral Programme. It aims to help students develop a sense of respect for each other through positive sporting experiences and its success is particularly evident during the “Interhouse” competitions.

Circle Time is designed to help develop students’ self-awareness, awareness of others, self-esteem, cooperation, listening skills, trust, as well as a sense of empathy.

Students develop a sense of empathy and community commitment by working with the wider community – for example Form 5 work with the local Escuela 183 and Form 6 with CAIF La Esperanza. Through sharing fun activities with children from these two centres, the students develop an empathy and understanding of other realities in society and about families who have very different lives from their own.


This programme for students in Form 5 and 6 takes place at an important stage of their physical and biological development and its content covers relevant topics about social and emotional change.

Special Assemblies play an important role in providing opportunities to emphasise aspects of the School’s Pastoral Programme and to share interesting and often inspiring presentations which may also include talks by invited guests.

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