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Food for the Soul

The Kifubon Project focuses on providing books for social benefit.
“We at Bunya created the Kifubon project as a means to share wisdom and help individuals and humanity rediscover our empathy and compassion.”
“When enough of us as individuals start practising compassion and empathy in our hearts and minds, it will surely benefit humanity as a whole.”

Mr. Yutaka Kinoshita 木下 豊
President Bunya publishing corporation

Prem Rawat is an international speaker and peace ambassador who has been involved in peace education for over 50 years. An accomplished pilot and art photographer, he is married with four children. In Splitting the Arrow, Prem Rawat presents a selection of stories drawn from his talks and travels around the world. These stories transcend different cultures and address the business of life: what success and prosperity really mean. 

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En Cuando el desierto florece, el orador motivacional y gurú Prem Rawat nos guía en viaje a través de su visión sobre lo que constituye una buena vida y una búsqueda hacia la paz interior. Con un tono amable, historias simples e ilustraciones cálidas, el nuevo libro de Rawat es una accesible introducción a sus enseñanzas.

►Leer más: Leer para estar en paz. (21 de junio de 2018). Galería de Búsqueda, pág. 70.

These books are available in Junior & Senior Libraries

A. J. Hobson Library

SENIOR LIBRARY – located on the 1st Floor of the Senior building, this 200m2. resource centre has filtered Wi-Fi access and an electronic tag and barcode system for processing loans. There is an open-plan area with work spaces, a loans desk, and silent reading room.

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OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) gives access to all material held in both the Junior and Senior Library catalogues. It provides a range of electronic functions and features including; Search, Reserve, View Loans Records and Post a Book Review. Users can connect directly to website links and search for/connect to specific online resources.

There are also links to educational apps, databases, digital magazines and APA Blog which provides support on the citation format used by the school and information about Academic Honesty.

Other features include ordering books, stock control, and tracking overdue items. Onsite and “remote” access is available from the Junior and Senior Library portals via links on the School’s apps website.

Library Hours: Monday to Friday 8:15am to 4:30pm

Celebrating Brazil

Celebrando o Brasil

A comida é um elemento cultural de relevante importância em muitos países.

A gastronomia como elemento cultural, símbolo de identidade e meio de integração, pode ser uma valiosa ferramenta de aproximação e conhecimento sociocultural entre as pessoas.

Por isso todo ano celebramos a gastronomia das línguas estrangeiras estudadas na Escola e de outras.

Este 26 de junho é a vez do Brasil 

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Promise of Allegiance and Pledge of Allegiance to the Uruguayan Flag

On Tuesday, 19th June, families and students of Form 1 and 1st Year Liceo all gathered solemnly to celebrate José Gervasio Artigas' birthday. The students wore their uniforms with pride, wearing the blue and white badges on their lapels, close to their hearts and entered the Gymnasium in two: one student from Liceo hand in hand with a Junior student. Form 1 made their promise, whilst 1st Year Liceo students made a stronger commitment, by swearing a very profound vow. The audience was delighted with songs, poems and even a play representing Artigas' legacy to our people and country.  It was a day that made us all feel very proud to be Uruguayan.

TEROS - winners of the Nations Cup 2018

The "Teros", our National Rugby team continues to make history. For the first time ever they defeated Argentina XV (26-20) in the final of the Nations Cup, in that way securing the highest position once again and keeping the Cup for another year.

The Uruguayan team defeated Emerging Italy, Fidji Warriors and Argentina XV. We are proud of our alumni who played: Manuel Leindekar, Andrés Vilaseca, Juan Gaminara, Carlos Pombo and Juan Manuel Cat, many of them were here last April to chat with our students in an Assembly. We gladly lent our pitches for them to practice, it is our please to see them once again in our beautiful green grass! 

The players continue with their strict preparation, aiming high towards the World Cup Japan 2019. These sort of matches and championships are great opportunities for our national team to play against tougher rivals, providing room for technical, physical and tactical improvement. As their captain, Juan Gaminara stated after the game, "These games make us grow. We are well aware of the team we have and the human group that is being shaped, with our minds set in Japan." 





18a. Feria del Libro Infantil y Juvenil

Todas las actividades de la 18ª FLIJ son de entrada gratuita.

Ver Programa: aquí

La Feria del Libro Infantil y Juvenil (FLIJ) tiene como objetivo promover el libro y el hábito de la lectura entre los niños, niñas y jóvenes. La oferta de actividades es diversa: incluye talleres, narraciones, presentaciones de libros, espectáculos musicales y teatrales, encuentros con escritores, firma de ejemplares, concursos, entre otras.

A su vez, el evento reúne a profesionales que trabajan en torno a la literatura infantil y juvenil para compartir y confrontar experiencias, promoviendo el intercambio y la reflexión.

En esta gran fiesta del libro encontrarás la mayor diversidad de literatura para niños, niñas y jóvenes así como materiales para quienes promueven la lectura en todos sus ámbitos.

Leer más: Cámara del Libro

Ver nota: Telemundo

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Fundación Pérez Scremini Campaign

Last week, we held our annual fund-raising initiative in support of the Fundación Pérez Scremini 'FPS'.  There were visits by representatives who work actively for the Fundación. Mrs Susana Ache and Mrs Paulina Effinger came to talk to our students from Form 3 to Form 6 who listened attentively to their heartwarming words about the help and support the Fundación provides to children with cancer and their families.  Senior students in 1YL and 2YL welcomed the Chair of the FPS, Mr Frank Raquet, a TBS alumnus, who compared the path of both institutions, highlighting various points in common.

On Thursday, there was a Whole School Non-uniform Day and Bake Sale.  The campus was engulfed in colour, aromas, and bountiful smiles that delighted the senses throughout this special day.

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