The St. Andrew's Essay competition, which is organised by the St. Andrew's Society of the River Plate, took place on Wednesday 12th June 2019. The competition is open to 10 to 18 year old students in Argentina and Uruguay, and is held on the same day at all schools. Students who participate have the opportunity to apply their English language skills together with their imagination and creativity.  It is also a chance to encourage the students’ charitable nature as proceeds of the competition are donated to different organisations in need of support.

Senior students who participated: Dylan Fairless, Francesca Ferrari, Christian Ingrey, Josefina Lorenzo, Benicio Borrás, Francisco Fulquet, Clara Tolosa, Mateo Pilorget, Milagros Ruiz, Julieta Deus, Guzmán Zugnoni, Skye Atkins, Cipriano Dorbessan, Melissa Danten, Francesca Schneck, Indira Reyes.

Junior students who participated: Federica Vidiella, Julio Seizer, Mateo Tolosa, Malena Carrau, Benito Alexander, Rosario Deus, Olivia Lasalvia, Federico Souto, Emilia Stirling, Eugenia Macgill, Inés Varela, Haroldo Gomensoro, Alejo Martínez, Guillermina Valeriani, Venancio Acosta y Lara, Ma. Clara Bia, Leah Cowley, Emma Dorbessan, Tiago Stremmler.  

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