25th & 50th ANNIVERSARY

On Saturday 26th October, two groups of former students returned to the School. The generations of 1969 and 1994, were celebrating their 50th and 25th years of their leaving. Not a single one of them looked any older than they day they left! Some of them are current parents or grandparents, but some others had not seen each other or the school for a long time. This is what made the day special.

The event was the result of ideas planted by both the School and the Old Boys & Old Girls Club, and it was a great success. There were around 100 people present, and after a quick tour of the School, with many shared memories of what has changed, or what has not, in some cases, everyone went to the auditorium to listen to short speeches. The Principal, Mark Roseavear, and the President of the Old Boys & Old Girls Club, Mr Santiago Rodriguez, welcomed our guests, some who had travelled from overseas for the occasion. Then the Head Boy and Head Girl of each generation, Mrs Karen Schandy and Mr Rodolfo Medeiros from 1969 and Mrs Margarita Strauch and Mr Duncan Espiga from 1994 addressed their classmates before the Chair of the Board of Governors, Mr Martin Wells, closed proceedings.

It was great to see all of our former students again. It would be nice to think this will become an annual event. My thanks to everyone who helped in organising it.

A fuller report will appear in the December edition of INSIGHT magazine.

Mark Rosevear









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