The PYP Form 5 Exhibition took place on Thursday, October 24th. It was lived as a real celebration. The day began with a gathering in the Junior hall from where the audience was then accompanied to the different rooms to participate in the presentations. In mid-morning, before the last performances, there was a relaxing and friendly shared coffee break for F5 families.

The topics illustrated by the exhibition groups were wide-ranging and student research included visits, interviews, surveys and bibliography. The resulting exhibitions were largely based in the view of Social studies, Personal, Social, Physical Education (PSPE), Arts, Language, Science and Technology.

The action component of the exhibition was seen as a key element in developing international-mindedness as students understood and presented their topics in both a global and a local perspective.

When the presentation was over, the whole exhibition team, form teachers, mentors and students shared a lovely lunch by the pool. Finally Mentors gave out a PYP souvenir to each student as closure of the event.

Witnessing our students display the IB learner attributes and attitudes so clearly was heart-warming. They were well equipped to answer the questions the audience asked about their chosen topics and displayed true communication skills as well as being highly knowledgeable. The creativity and integrity on presentations was something to flag up.

The PYP exhibition is a whole junior school community experience. It involves not only the students and Form 5 teachers, but also families, other students in the school and staff in general. We would like to thank all F5 families for their support and involvement during the process and on the Exhibition Day.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this rewarding process. Every Form 5 student deserves a huge acknowledgement for their effort and commitment throughout the learning process. This was collaboration at its finest and was a huge team effort. We are already looking forward to next year’s exhibition.

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“Human Impact on Nature”, F5C´s exhibition group launched a Water Bottle Day campaign as an action for change. Students promoted taking action individually and collectively to publicly support positive social and environmental change before and during the Exhibition Day.

How did all started? Several decades ago, beverage companies started selling bottled water, which allowed people to meet their hydration needs and live healthier lifestyles.

What is happening now? Those plastic bottles began showing up in landfills and oceans with plastics that wouldn’t biodegrade, even after centuries. A change is needed!

What can we do? F5C students had an idea that bypassed the disposal centre altogether: The mentor and Form teachers supported this initiative and challenged students and staff to bring to school reusable bottles to be refilled with filtered tap water during the day.

What was the impact? See for yourself….


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Children explored life in the farm and the importance of water. In a different learning environment they worked in 4 centres: 

  • In centre N°1, children observed the birth of a chick, and how temperature is crucial for their development.
  • In centre N°2 they understood the importance of water to grow fruits and vegetables, they visited the pond and saw all the animals that lived and depended of it.
  • In centre N°3 students fed the sheep, rabbits and the pigs, and understood what they needed in order to grow and develop healthily: food, water and love.
  • In centre N°4 they saw and helped harvesting and processing wheat.  

It was a meaningful experience for all the Kinder students and teaching staff. We would like to thank the group of Mums how accompanied the children and helped us make of this day a wonderful one.

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En conexión con la línea de indagación “Inventos que cambiaron el mundo” de la Unidad 5 y para ver el proceso de industrialización de los recursos naturales que hemos estado estudiando, visitamos la industria de helados Crufi. Allí los niños pudieron apreciar todo el circuito productivo, desde que llega la  materia prima hasta la obtención del helado, la conservación y distribución del mismo.

Agradecemos a la Flia. Cruz por recibirnos una vez más en su industria.

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Los días 30 de septiembre, 4 y 8 de octubre, se realizaron las Salas abiertas de Psicomotricidad con todos los grupos de Kinder. Allí compartimos  y disfrutamos un  espacio de juego con los padres y madres.

La propuesta psicomotriz educativa se complementa con las otras actividades que se realizan en el Colegio, promoviéndose el desarrollo armónico del niño y la niña; partiendo de la importancia del cuerpo y el movimiento en las etapas tempranas de la vida.  

En la Sala los materiales son neutros, es decir no inducen a ningún juego pre establecido y son los niños y niñas (en esta oportunidad con sus padres y madres) los que les dan significación. Es así que  surgen  castillos, cuevas, barcos, murallas,  y hospitales entre otros. También  siempre hay un espacio donde poder realizar actividades que involucran movimientos globales como saltar, balanceos, caídas. Otro espacio de distanciamiento,  donde el cuerpo y el movimiento toman distancia y se realizan construcciones con maderas o dibujos.

A su vez el jugar con otros implica poder esperar, negociar, tomar otros puntos de vista.

Gracias por compartir este tiempo de juego.

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As part of their Unit of Inquiry, Animals in the World, Form 2 visited the Parque y Reserva de Fauna Cerro Pan de Azúcar. Here students enjoyed a wonderful day finding out about the native animals of Uruguay. After that we had lunch in the shade, followed by the students playing on the slides, swings and climbing equipment in the park. A lovely day.

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In a morning full of joy and excitement, Prep students received their Fathers for a time of shared learning opportunities. Dads were able to witness some of the acquired reading and writing skills being put into action as the children wrote about their fathers.  They all learned and joined in Maths games, which were not only fun but also demonstrated the students' understanding of basic Mathematical concepts. Last, but certainly not least, the students and their Dads enjoyed quality time playing together in a creative way.  

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Dentro de la Unidad de indagación "Cómo nos expresamos" y en conexión con la segunda línea de indagación "Cómo celebran las distintas culturas la creatividad", los alumnos de F4H y F4C visitaron el Museo del Gaucho, como personaje de nuestra historia que es la conjunción de diferentes culturas. Los alumnos disfrutaron de una charla interactiva, donde se explicó su origen, su estilo de vida, su vestimenta, etc. Fue una experiencia muy enriquecedora, la cual dentro de poquito tiempo, van a poder disfrutar F4Z y F4G.


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Prep students are learning the numbers from 1 to 100, and since the beginning of the School year they counted the days until they reached 100 last week!

Teachers connected the unit of inquiry “Long, long ago” and the maths content and asked students to come dressed as their grandparents or great-grandparents to celebrate 100 days of school and learn about schools 100 years ago. It was a meaningful experience full of happiness and learning.

Click here to see the photos!

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