El sábado pasado una selección de 10 alumnos de Form 5 y Form 6 participaron del encuentro de Basketball Petit Champion 2019 organizado por el Liceo Francés.

Participaron del encuentro: La Mennais, Crandon, Elbio Fernandez, Edu School, Francés.

Nuestros alumnos jugaron varios partidos en la mañana y al finalizar compartieron un tercer tiempo

Felicitamos a los alumnos seleccionados por su entrega y compromiso



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Our F4 students have been reflecting on their visit to Barrio Peñarol in Montevideo as part of their research into their unit of inquiry – How we organise ourselves.

The children were learning about the legacy of the early British settlers and searching for evidence of what they left behind.

They clearly understood and advanced their learning by visiting the train station and ticket office in its traditional design, the manager’s large residence and garden, several workshops and the ‘British style’ brick houses that the workers lived in.

We had a full morning and asked our knowledgeable guide, Manuel, lots of questions. It was a very informative and enjoyable visit.

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Form 5 students visited Colegio Don Bosco as a link to the PSPE (Personal Social Physical Education Programme). This initiative involves CAS students from Y5L and a group of Alumni who are helping to develop the sporting skills of the young students from Don Bosco. The activities developed by our Year 5 CAS students consisted of making some musical instruments with recyclable material collected previously by them. We were able to see some great performances of all of the children present today. Our Form 5 students were able to create a bond with those from Don Bosco which will later be fostered in further encounters.

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Form 5 students went through different steps to turn their overalls into an inspirational canvas for their art classes. First, they dyed their shirts in motivating colours and shapes, and then they created an inspirational quote that represents them. We studied the importance of aesthetics and how the design of their quotes and typography allowed them to give even more strength to their message. Understanding that it is the unique way to create art: sharing something you believe in.

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El sábado pasado una selección de 20 alumnas de Form 5, participaron del encuentro de handball Champs Élysées, organizado por el Liceo Francés. El torneo contó con la participación de 18 equipos de diferentes instituciones educativas y deportivas con el fin de fortalecer el espíritu deportivo en un formato diferente.

Jugaron 3 series con 5 partidos en cada una. 

Participaron: Liceo Francés, Woodlands School, Stella Maris College, Colegio y Liceo John F. Kennedy,  Club Layva, Colegio Seminario, Colegio Juan Zorrilla de San Martín,  Colegio Salesiano de la Costa, The Anglo School.

Compartieron juntas un 3er tiempo, además de recibir una medalla por su participación. Hubo sorteos con premios para las jugadoras.

¡Felicitamos a nuestras alumnas por su gran desempeño!

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On Saturday, August 3rd, the F5 and F6 students participated in the Athletics Tournament organised by the LID in the Pista Oficial de Atletismo. The following schools also participated: Ivy Thomas, St. Patrick´s, Stella Maris, Los Tréboles, St. Georges, Los Pinos, Woodlands, Monte VI, Los Pilares, Jesús María, Clifton, St Andrew´s, Harwood, New Zealand. 


  Form 6
  Boys Girls
High Jump 1st place, Máximo Born 2nd place, Gaia Atkins
5th place, Tomás Woycik 3rd place, Inés Chahnazaroff
Shot Put   4th place, Josefina Justo
Long Jump 5th place, Máximo Born 6th place, Inés Chahnazaroff
60 mts   3rd place, Emma Hahn
Relay    B -1st place, Romanella Cruz, Isabel Guelfi, Mercedes Mora, Guillermina Valeriani


  Form 5
  Boys Girls
Long Jump 1st Place, Matías Vidal 4th place, Federica Vidiella
6th place, Emma Cikato
Shot Put 2nd place, Matías Vidal
7th place, Facundo González Moreno
60 mts 2nd place, Matías Vidal
6th place Francisco Novegil
2nd place, Federica Vidiella
3rd place, Martina Fernández
5th place, Serena Castillo
Relay B-1st place, Manuel Bosch, Pedro Delisante, Francisco Novegil, Santiago Villalba
A-2nd place, Vicente Daneri, Francisco Navarro, Matías Vidal, Tomás Young.
A-1st place, Milagros Bercianos, Serena Castillo, Lucía Rega, Federica Vidiella.


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