The School has a tradition of fruitful collaboration from its Learning Community, making this a solid foundation for establishing our School Mission. 

The School understands that partnerships with parents and families benefit the students and value the perspectives they bring to the learning community in support of student learning, growth, health and well-being.

The direct collaboration and involvement of the Learning Community fosters shared decision-making, the exchange of ideas and experiences, and supports the common goal of reflecting on the transdisciplinary learning experience. This, in turn, helps all members of the learning community to grow as learners.

This year Form 1 and Form 2 have already experienced welcoming members of the School family into their classrooms. 

Form 1 - How we express ourselves 

Students observed and appreciated how our learning community worked with different media and expressed themselves in different ways. They investigated how the use of different techniques and the artist´s choice of materials, colour and shapes provokes a range of feelings in them and in the audience. 

Form 2 - Who we are

Students developed their understanding of how to stay healthy and incorporate habits of personal hygiene into their daily routines when a member of our community arranged a visit from various professionals: dentist and nutritionist.   

We would like to thank parents and professionals who joined/ contributed to these units of inquiry with our students.





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