Library Resource Centres

The School’s well-stocked Library Resource Centres are staffed by qualified Librarians and open to the whole School educational community including; parents and alumni.

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue). This online catalogue provides electronic access to all material held in both the Junior and Senior Library catalogues. It has a range of features including; Search, Reserve, View Loans Records and Post a Book Review. Users can connect directly to website links and search for/connect to specific online resources. There are also links to videos, audio files and electronic documents stored on the School’s database. Other features include ordering books, stock control, and tracking overdue items. Onsite and “remote” access is available from the Junior and Senior Library portals via links on the School’s institutional website and/or intranet portal “Ecademicus”.

Early Years Library (located in the Early Years Centre)

The Early Years Library is an inviting and interesting place that forms an important part of life in Kinder and Prep. Well known classic fairy tales and books by modern authors are introduced (both in English and Spanish). As the students begin to choose books to take home they are encouraged to act responsibly by taking care of the books and returning them to School on time.

Junior Library Resource Centre (Located on the 1st Floor in the main Junior building)

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the Junior Library webpage

The Junior Library has a vast collection of fiction and non-fiction book titles and magazines to choose from. All items are listed on the School’s online catalogue OPAC. There is filtered Wi-Fi access and a well-equipped IT suite for use by students and staff, including class instruction. In addition to coming to the Library on a weekly timetabled basis, students also use the Library during break times and other opportunities to look for books or use the computers, complete work, carry out research, or play board games. 

The Junior Library hosts a variety of activities both inside the Library and around the School in Junior. These activities include; storytelling, library skills learning, research, student book reviews, author visits, treasure hunts, games, cakes and crafts, reading chains, plays, book fairs, and “Voices” - a student-centred magazine with several editions issued throughout the academic year. Current and past editions of Voices can be viewed on the Junior Library portal.

Opening Times
Monday to Friday 0800 – 1630
(Closed between 1230-1300)


Senior Library Resource Centre (Located on the 1st Floor in the Senior building)

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the Senior Library webpage

The A.J.Hobson Library in Senior is a 200m2 resource centre. In addition to the extensive collection of over 28,000 fiction and non-fiction book titles and resources listed on the School’s online catalogue OPAC, there is much more for users to explore through subscriptions to digital information and databases. The Library has filtered Wi-Fi access and an electronic tag and barcode system for processing loans. There is an open-plan area with work spaces, a loans desk, and silent reading room.


Opening Times
Monday to Friday 0800 - 1700


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