Prizewinning students in “Lawyer and Public Notary for One Day” - UM

The competition “Lawyer and Public Notary for One Day” is organised annually by the Law College of the University of Montevideo for students of 5YL and 6YL; this year was the 17th edition.

 It consists of the detailed presentation of a fictitious case in which the different teams participate in roles as plaintiff or defendant, whichever they are allotted through a draw.
There are two stages:
The first stage is to create a judicial document (as a real document of this kind would be); it might be the claim or the opposing arguments, according to the role they are assigned.  The best documents in both roles advance to the oral instance, where they participate in a “Final Allegations Hearing” to argue their case at court, the reasons in fact and in law that assist them and why the court should rule in their favour. 
Four teams from The British Schools participated in the competition this year (Team 1 – Clara Seizer, María Dolores Alende, Andrés Buero; Team 2 – Manuela Brum and Gian Clerici; Team 3 – Isabel Scavuzzo, María Belén Armas and Juan Passanante; Team 4 – Juan Castelli and Dikran Bakkalian).  The teams were advised by Mr. Gonzalo Fernández and Mr. Diego Paseyro.
Our four teams went on to the second stage within the chosen best 20; thus, all of them obtained a 20% scholarship to be applied to the studies of the career in Law at the University of Montevideo.  Team 1 won First place for the best claim and Team 2 won Second place.

In the second stage of “Oral Allegations” Teams 1, 2 and 3 classified among the best four in the competition.  After a new round of allegations, the Team 1:  Clara Seizer, María Dolores Alende and Andrés Buero obtained the First Prize in the Competition, which entitled them to an extra 30% scholarship towards the career.  Team 2:  Manuela Brum and Gian Clerici gained Third place and both students were awarded an extra 15% scholarship.   Finally, Team 3:  Isabel Scavuzzo, María Belén Armas and Juan Passanante reached Fourth place and were awarded a 10% extra scholarship.

Student Dikran Bakkalian received a prize as “Outstanding Speaker”.

Congratulations to all of our students who participated with these outstanding performances. 
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Finalists in “Design your room” competition – ORT

Nineteen students from the Mathematics and Design orientation (Architecture) and two from the Art & Expression orientation entered the competition organised by the Architecture College of the ORT University, guided by Mr. Enrique Cederbaum.  For the students of the Architecture option this is obligatory classwork, with the option of entering the competition voluntarily.

Six finalists were chosen from the total of 61 pieces of work presented.  Two of these finalists were our students Martín Bajac and Sofía Macadam, from 6YL Q2.  Our congratulations to them and our wishes for success in the AutoCAD course they were awarded.  They will be able to learn this prized digital tool which will be essential in their immediate future in the career of their choice.










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Proyecto de IGCSE en Escuela n°183

El lunes 3 de setiembre tres alumnos de Y4L visitaron la Escuela N° 183 ‘Nelson Mandela’, ubicada en la calle Havre, junto al colegio. Allí realizaron una charla informativa sobre alimentación saludable como parte de un proyecto de IGCSE Global Perspectives. Compartieron consejos con niños de 2º año de Primaria, organizaron un bingo temático y entregaron un diploma para certificar su participación. También llevaron frutas y vasos de yogur con cereales para la hora de la merienda.

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Saturday, 1st September, was the last performance of Grease.  Almost 200 students participated in the show in different capacities:  main characters and supporting roles, dancers, backstage managers and crew, in charge of microphones or manipulating the follow-spotlights. Students enjoyed the challenge of putting together this production that paid tribute to 20 consecutive years of Musicals and celebrated the 110th Anniversary of our School.

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IB Geography field trip to Colonia del Sacramento

On Tuesday, IB Geography 5YL students went on a field trip to Colonia del Sacramento to investigate the impact of tourism.

The day was glorious and the historic quarter was busy with tourists from all over the world, although the preliminary results of their questionnaires show that the majority were Brazilian and Argentinian.

The students also investigated differences in environmental quality, prices and congestion throughout the World Heritage site.

The results of this fieldwork activity will be used for their Internal Assessments. 

A big thank you to Waldemar Chávez and Mario Perera for their invaluable support during this filed trip!

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Destacada actuación en Sumo Robótico

El pasado lunes 3 de setiembre, los alumnos de Robótica participaron de la XV Competencia de Sumo Robótico organizada por la Facultad de Ingeniería (UDELAR). 

Durante el evento se desarrollan presentaciones libres y aptas para todo público.

Las exposiciones permiten disponer de un área dentro del evento reservada para mostrar, compartir e intercambiar experiencias entre proyectos de robótica.

Los robots que compiten en las diferentes categorías deben ser dispositivos móviles completamente autónomos.

El sumo de robots consiste en un deporte en el cual dos robots luchan por quitarse mutuamente de un círculo (llamado dohyo). La referencia al deporte en sí mismo suele despertar mucho interés en el público en general.

Por nuestra Institución participaron 3 equipos integrados por:

British British 2 British 8
Augusto Leborgne
Agustín López
Matías Dantén
Guzmán Zugnoni
Skye Atkins
Joaquín Salmon
Felipe Ramírez

El equipo British 2 clasificó a la semifinal, lo cual significó una actuación más que destacada.

¡Felicitamos a todos los competidores por su creatividad, compromiso, trabajo en equipo y disposición a enfrentar nuevos desafíos!

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Filosofía de la Religión

El lunes 3/9 se realizó una charla sobre “Filosofía de la Religión” a cargo del Prof. Miguel Pastorino. Esta tuvo como tema central “Fe y Razón”. 
Asistieron todos los alumnos de Philosophy High Level de 5Y-6Y quienes quedaron muy entusiasmados e interesados en seguir profundizando en estos temas en los períodos de “Philosophy of religion”.

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University Counselling

Loyola Marymount University (US)

On Thursday, 23rd August, Daniel Marschner, Director International Admission and Outreach of Loyola Marymount University visited TBS. He addressed a number of 4YL and 5YL students and provided his insight on the application process and tips on the ideal essays to catch the attention of admissions officers.

A private, co-educational university in the Jesuit and Marymount traditions, LMU is located in Los Angeles, California.

University of Queensland (Australia)

On Tuesday, 28th August, groups of 4YL, 5YL and 6YL students attended a presentation on the Australian Educational System, followed by a talk by a representative of the University of Queensland in the Green Room.

The University of Queensland (UQ) is a public research university primarily located in Queensland's capital city, Brisbane, Australia. Founded in 1909 by the state parliament, UQ is one of Australia's oldest universities and is colloquially known as a sandstone university. UQ is considered to be one of Australia's leading universities, and is ranked as the 48th most reputable university in the world. 

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MUN - Parents´ Meeting

On Monday, 20th August, the TBS MUN Club Committee celebrated a meeting with parents in order to inform them about the mechanics of the THIMUN model and the plans for the Club in 2019. The Senior School Coordinator, Cecilia Pombo, and the TBS MUN Directors, Carolina Lazaneo and Santiago López, led this meeting with the help of Sol Slinger and Dikran Bakkalian, Co-Presidents of the Club, and Patrick Davies, Head Delegate of Student Officers.

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Visit from Mackay School from Chile

On Monday, 20th August, we gladly welcomed 22 students from The Mackay School of Viña del Mar, Chile who came as part of a Sports Exchange. 

They stayed with the families of 4YL and 5YL students. On Monday they went on a tour around Montevideo and in the afternoon they returned to our School to play two matches, one against our U17 with our team winning and the second against our U16 with a victory for the Mackay School. After the matches they shared a great "tercer tiempo" at Old Boys and Old Girls Club, further fostering sporting international friendships. 



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