Liga Universitaria - Bronze Cup Winners

The U16 Football team is the youngest category to play in the Liga Universitaria Tournament.  For the second time in a row, The British Schools U16s won the Bronze Cup.  It is relevant to mention that they play against clubs where recruitment and training of players is very different from that of a school.  

We congratulate all players for their commitment, repeatedly shown each Sunday at the matches.  


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Champions - Valentín Martínez Tournament

Last weekend, the Valentín Martínez Tournament took place at the Carrasco Polo Club where The British Schools U15s, undefeated, conquered the championship in their category: 
14-0 vs Pueyrredón Argentina 
57-0 vs Cricket
27-5 vs Estudiante Olavarría Argentina 
They qualified for the semi-finals winning against Sporting Mar del Plata 3-0 during extra time.  A win against St. Brendan´s Argentina 13-12 took them to the finals and then an impressive win against Chacras de Mendoza 17-5 sealed the championship. 
Congratulations to the players and technical staff for this outstanding achievement!
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Visit from Cottolengos

Every year, the students from CAS who work with the projects Cottolengo Femenino and Cottolengo Masculino receive the children from both institutions in our School.

The British Schools' students organised a fun-filled festival with games invented and created by them, and the journey ended with a shared afternoon snack.

It was a lovely afternoon full of sharing time together, games, chat, music and dance.

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Robotics Exhibition

Last Tuesday, 30th October, students from 1YL, 2YL and 3YL participated in the “19th Education in Robotics Exhibition”, organised by Escuela Integral. This event took place at Liceo Espigas. During the activities, our students had a chance to share their experiences with peers from other educational institutions, which was very enriching for all involved.

We invite you to enjoy the innovative projects presented by the programmers (watch the video):


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On Saturday, 3rd November, the final of the URU tournament took place between the Old Boys Club (OBC) and Old Christians, which ended in a 28-21 victory for the Old Boys. This saw OBC U19 finishing champions of the year, undefeated in their 29 matches. The U19 B category finished a very respectable 5th in the same tournament.

This successful combination of players from The British Schools and OBC, won the three URU championships in the U15, U17 and U19 categories. The group of over 50 players underwent some tough training throughout the season and reaped the rewards of their effort and commitment.

This was a successful year for the School’s rugby; congratulations to the players and technical staff!

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Mathematics Inter House

The Mathematics Inter House competition took place during the second term of the school year, over three rounds, with 93 students participating. It is worth noting the participation of our student Gabriel Faes, who was part of the organisation of the competition.

The finals took place last Friday 26th and involved 14 students:

E. Navarro y A. Zorrilla
J. B. Cat y G. Zugnoni
M. Villar y M. Wajner
C. Dorbessan y S. Atkins
J. E. Young y F. Armas
I. Monsuarez y C. Heijne
P. Beyhaut y D. Fernández
T. Romero y F. Vareika
A. López y B. Martínez

F. Deffeminis y A. Vidal
I. Imhof y F. Schuscheim
I. Svetogorsky y M. Carbajal
M. Dunski
E. Wendel y M. Montaño

The winning pairs of the 2018 Mathematics Inter House were:
M. Villar y M. Wajner P. Beyhaut y D. Fernández I. Imhof y F. Schuscheim

Congratulations to all the students who partook in the competition!

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A green coloured Sunday

Sunday 28th October saw four rugby matches between The British Schools and our old friends and rivals, Stella Maris, in the U14 and U15; and against the Old Christians Club in the U16 and U17 categories.

We are pleased to report that The British Schools won all four games. We would particularly like to congratulate the U17 team who are now the Uruguayan rugby champions. The U15 team won all the matches played in the final rounds of the tournament, although there is no official championship.

Almost 100 students participated on Sunday. No team goes through a season these days without injuries, so the contribution of all squad members is vital to a team’s success. Our teams are coached by former students of the School, many of whom are still playing, and we thank them too for their enthusiasm and dedication. 

The teamwork and effort shown throughout the year has yielded marvelous results!

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National Mathematics Olympiad

The National Mathematics Olympiad had a total of four rounds. The first three took place at The British Schools throughout the year. From these rounds, students Alejandro Seré, Dikran Bakkalian, Gabriel Faes, Joaquín Salmon and Skye Atkyns classified for the Finals. 

Last Saturday, the aforementioned students participated in the finals that took place at School and Liceo Elbio Fernández. The following distinctions were obtained: Alejandro Seré, GOLD medal and Dikran Bakkalian, SILVER medal.

Alejandro and Dikran succeeded in qualifying for the Rioplatense Mathematics Olympiad that will take place in Buenos Aires from 1st to 5th December.

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2018 CAS Fair

The 2018 CAS Fair took place last Wednesday, 24th October. The objective of the Fair was for 5YL students to share this year’s experience with those who will embark in this activity next year.

Through the information portrayed on the stands and in the videos, 4YL students were able to gain an interesting insight of the CAS programme from their peers.

We would like to thank all those involved: Directors, students of 5YL and 4YL, CAS tutors, teachers in general and members of OBC & OGC who attended on the day.

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“MateClubes” Olympiad

Congratulations to all The British Schools students who participated in the finals in this activity which took place at Liceo 20 last Saturday, 20th October.

Special thanks go to the Maths Department and teacher Natalia Sande, for promoting this activity and sharing their time with the students.

These are the names of the participating students:

Alejandro Seré GOLD / Dikran Bakkalian GOLD / Gabriel Faes SILVER / Agustín López HONORS MENTION / Joaquín Salmon SILVER / Guzmán Zugnoni SILVER / Cipriano Dorbessan HONORS MENTION / Federico Vareika / Skye Atkins

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