On Wednesday, May 29th, Year 6 Business Management High Level students travelled to Maldonado to visit the olive oil extraction plant of Agroland-Colinas de Garzon.  The guided tour was provided by the plant manager Victor Rodriguez and the group witnessed the firm’s production method and strict quality control standards.  It was a valuable opportunity for all to experience real-world application of business theory.


On Wednesday, May 29th, the IB Geography students from 5YL had a day long outing to Montevideo’s Old City (Ciudad Vieja). The day consisted in recording data, ranging from amount of pedestrians passing a specific area in a span of five minutes to analyzing the quality of buildings there. The information we collected will later be used for our Internal Assessments, which we will write by the end of the year.

Federico Kong 5th year IB Geography student. 







The 2019 Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award ceremony was held at the Dazzler Hotel on Wednesday, 29th May. This ceremony recognises those Uruguayan students who achieved the highest awards in 2018 in several categories. There were over 10 schools present and The British Schools received 11 out of the 26 awards, which were presented by HM Ambassador Ian Duddy and a by Ms Mónica Harvey, Chair of the Board of Dickens Institute. 

We would like to congratulate all of our students who won prizes, and very specially Chloe Romero, who obtained an award for Top in the World for her Literature (Spanish) IGCSE. 

TOP IN URUGUAY - is awarded to learners who have achieved the highest standard mark in their country for a single subject. 

    First Language Spanish        María del Pilar Elgorriaga   
    First Language Spanish     María Paulina Seré
    Mathematics    María Paulina Seré
    Mathematics    Chloe Romero
    Combined Science    Chloe Romero
    First Language English (oral)      Abril Alexander
    First Language English (oral)    Clara Hardoy
    Global Perspectives    Abril Alexander
    Literature (English)     Chloe Romero











Literature (Spanish) - Chloe Romero



On Saturday, May 25th, a delegation of 19 students attended CMUN, a Model United Nations conference hosted by Instituto Crandon.

In addition to addressing the difficult situation in Venezuela, Tibet and Western Sahara, some other topics debated during the day included:

  • Illegal arms trade
  • Money laundering
  • Preservation of historical heritage
  • Gender disparity in politics
  • Stateless people and birth registration
  • Population control policies


We congratulate all participants, and extend a special recognition to:

Our new club delegates: Juan Bautista Beyhaut (Y4L), Josefina Gorlero (Y1L), Bautista Martínez (Y3L) and Francisco Sequeira (Y2L).

Paulina Cassoni (Y6L) and Ignacio Monsuárez (Y3L), whose resolutions passed.

Dylan Fairless (Y4L), Francesca Ferrari (Y4L), Agustin López (Y3L) and Juan Sequeira (Y4L), who chaired the debate with enthusiasm and commitment.



On Monday, May 20th, students of IB Physics and HL Chemistry went to visit CUDIM  (Uruguayan Center of Molecular Imaging). There, radiopharmaceuticals are produced and then used as a diagnostic tool in PET (positron emission tomography) scans. The students received an introductory talk where the main features of the center were explained, and then were able to go to the labs to get a closer look at some impressive devices used in the process.

It was an amazing oportunity for the students to bring down to earth and learn about specific applications of some theorical and abstract concepts worked in the course, and at the same time get in touch with one of the most cutting edge scientific facilities of out country.




El propósito del viaje fue vivenciar Buenos Aires desde una perspectiva cultural, dada la gran oferta de posibilidades que nos ofrece esta ciudad en lo que a Arte y Cultura respecta.  Visitamos museos, lugares históricos, exposiciones y asistimos a espectáculos teatrales.

Todas las actividades se desarrollaron con guías especializados y se generaron debates interactivos con los alumnos. A su vez los docentes prepararon actividades específicas a desarrollar dentro de los museos. En las clases, se tomará el material trabajado en el viaje para diversas actividades vinculadas a los programas de cada una de las asignaturas involucradas.

Esta experiencia ha resultado, de gran interés para nuestros alumnos de Bachillerato de Arte y Expresión, Visual Arts y Theatre y también para los docentes acompañantes.




El día Martes 21 de mayo, asistimos a ImpactUp con la generación de 5YL.

Asistimos a este encuento que busca desafiar a los estudiantes de bachillerato dándoles herramientas para empoderarlos y hacerlos responsables del cambio. Escucharon historias movilizadoras e inspiradoras de jóvenes que emprendieron en empresas que impactan positivamente en la sociedad actual. Tuvimos la oportunidad de escuchar historias de oradores de Uruguay y Argentina en el Teatro Movie.




Last week two universities visited the school. The University and Careers Guidance Counsellor invites 4YL, 5YL and 6YL student s to attend the meetings and presentation and those interested needed to register.

Karen Kelly, Senior Outreach Officer for Latin America and Caribbean, of NYU Abu Dhabi University visited TBS on Wednesday May 15 @ 12:15  For more information:

The day after, Shanell Cartagena, Senior Assistant Director of International Admission of Bentley University delivered two workshops on:     Writing a College Essay and .     Preparing a winning application. Many of our students actively participated of the workshop and continued to build upon their knowledge on college applications.  For more information:


Al finalizar mayo va a estar comenzando el ciclo del club filosófico coordinado y moderado por los profesores de filosofía y TOK en secundaria.

Este club se está desarrollando desde hace ya un par de años con mucho éxito y gran convocatoria por parte de los estudiantes, y es gracias a esto que se decidió crear una programática sostenida durante todo el año con diferentes encuentros que ya tienen fecha y tema.

¡Esperamos verlos a todos ahí! 






Basketball is a sport that has been played for a while at School but mostly as a hobbie or leisure activity, but this year with coaches Mario Perera and Favio Freire our aim is to bring basketball as the School´s third sport competitive-wise. 

A few weeks ago we played against Stella Maris and yesterday, 15th May, we played agaisnt Uruguayan American School. We have several other matches scheduled ahead in order to keep improving. Our initial focus if for the team to play from 8 to 10 matches throughout the year. The team is composed of approximately 25 3YL and 4YL students. They practice Mondays and Fridays 17:15 and Wednesdays 1630.

Everyone is invited to join!


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