The British English Olympics (BEO) is an exciting academic contest targeted to the world’s brightest international students. The competition spans just under three weeks and it takes place in prestigious boarding schools in England.

The British Schools has sent two teams, The Poppies and The 21 Free Birds. Led by four teachers from the Senior English Department, thirty eight of our students are currently spending unforgettable weeks in the UK, representing our school and our country, while also enjoying an amazing British cultural experience.

The BEO is focused on educational excellence. It provides an opportunity for our students to read, re-write and perform Shakespeare, to write and perform a song about empathy, charities and fundraising campaigns for the world’s most vulnerable people, to debate about the economical, ecological and social impact of unsustainable tourism, to explore distant cultures such as Belize’s, and to put their public speaking and improvisation abilities to the test. Nonetheless, most of all, the BEO experience is all about learning beyond the classroom. It is a chance to meet teenagers from all over the world and to develop a sense of integration, adaptation and friendly competition.  

All in all, the BEO is an unmissable and enriching experience that will surely provide strong foundations to prepare our students for the challenges of school and life.

The 21 Free Birds:

Team Leaders:  Ms Sol Nemeth and Mr Nicholas Drever

Albanell Etcheverry, Josefina

Barcia, Milagros

Calvo, Facundo

Cao Bogani, Camila

Civetta Pérez del Castillo, Sofía

Conde Quercetti, Pilar

Henderson, Fiona

Martínez Sánchez, Chiara

Meerhoff, Tomás

Milano Mesa, Lucía

Muscio, Ma Guillermina

Myszka, Sol

Navarro, Joaquín

Reicht Tellería, Juan Ignacio

Sapia Tea, Valentina

Stein Muratore, Constanza

Stremmler, Sophia

Trabal, Vicente

Wajner, Martina


The Poppies:

Team Leaders: Ms Victoria Bauzá and Mr Santiago López


Aguirre Blanco, Ma Milagros

Beyhaut, Milagros

Caffera Sueyras, Santiago

Casulo Lapido, Juan Pablo

Denis, Ignacio

Fernández Manhard, Delfina

Gomensoro Hounie, Carmen

Gonzalez Moreno, Felicitas

Heijne, Casper

Ichart Vieytes, Máximo

Ingrey, Sara Cruz

Lyford-Pike, Maia

Melazzi, Clementina

Paullier Rodríguez, Delfina

Raffaelli Vigil, Inés

Ramirez Negro, Felipe

Rivero Delgado, Delfina

Salas, Candelaria

Young, Juan Enrique



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On Wednesday,  10th April, we welcomed back our leaving students from last year to award them their IB Diplomas and school leaving medals.

We would like to thank the British Ambassador, Mr. Ian Duddy for attending the ceremony and also addressing the students. Members of the school Board were present and Mrs. Karen Schandy delivered the closing remarks. The four Head Boys and Head Girls from last year – José María Alzugaray, Alanna McConnell, Milagros Campelo and Juan Heslop – spoke of how important an IB education was to them, and how The British Schools, with its international and local curriculum, its values, history and tradition and the many extra-curricular activities offered, had given them the  tools to start university and help prepare them for life after school.

This was a very successful generation (both of them!) academically, sporting and musically, and it was good to see them again now that they have become former students.

The British Schools is a member of ACBIRP, which is an organisation for the Diploma schools of the River Plate. In 2018, there were a total of 17 students in ACBRIP who achieved 40 or more points in the Diploma Programme.  Two from  other Uruguayan schools, seven from all of the Diploma schools in Buenos Aires, and eight from The British Schools. This is a statistic to be proud of, so Mr Rosevear asked the organisers if we could present the certificates at our ceremony instead of the usual one in Buenos Aires and they agreed.

The students were: Martina Lucía Ferrari, Juan María Heslop, Andrés Juan, Matías Crosa, Carlos Martín Gruss, Tatiana Morton, Manuel Bernabé Rodríguez, Facundo Schuscheim.

We wish all of them every success for the future!

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Latin America Model United Nations (LAMUN) is an international conference that welcomes high school students from Latin America. Since 2014, this event is hosted by The British Schools and Colegio Stella Maris. LAMUN is an educational simulation in which students role-play different delegations, and learn about diplomacy, international relations, and current global affairs.

This year, LAMUN welcomed more than 260 students from profoundly different backgrounds from over 13 schools in Latin America. The group spent 3 days lobbying, debating, and assuming the role of world leaders committed to tackling humanity’s most complex issues. Students also had the opportunity to learn about the United Nations from a young diplomat´s perspective.

As a conference by students, and for students, the logistics and academics are managed by high school students with the guidance of the LAMUN directors, showing students a glimpse of what real life can be like.  

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Proyectos CAS

Una vez más, en el marco del programa CAS que se desarrolla en el Colegio, nuestros alumnos de 5to año de liceo han comenzado a trabajar en sus proyectos de desarrollo comunitario. Los mismos son de diversa índole y abarcan distintos tipos de actividades como han de ser: deportes, recreación, manualidades, apoyo educativo, cuidado del medio ambiente (huerta), atención a la primera infancia, las capacidades diferentes  y los adultos mayores.

En esta nueva edición nos encontramos comprometidos con las siguientes Instituciones: Alfareros, CADI, Caif del Lago, Cottolengo Femenino, Cottolengo Masculino, Colegio Don Bosco preescolares, Colegio Don Bosco Deportes, Escuela 183, Escuela Lido y Hospital Piñeyro del Campo.


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On Tuesday, 2nd April, on our weekly Year 1L and Year 2L Assembly, we had a special recognition for Year 1L to Year 4L students with outstanding Academic Achievement during 2018. 

Mr Rosevear introduced the ceremony by mentioning how impressed he was that any student could achieve an average of 12. He added that that he never achieved a high grade when young, being someone who took to academic study better later in his school years. However, he stressed that with hard work and determination, everyone can achieve more. He continued saying that a perfect average is also impressive because it means that the student has done well in every single subject. This means having more options when it comes to choosing subjects or careers, because they have not narrowed their field of study.

Later on, our Head Boy and Head Girl addressed the audience remarking the importance of hard work, practice to achieve mastery and becoming an all rounded student. 

It was a great event to celebrate the effort and achievement of these students:

Martina Arnau Sanguinetti
Federica Arregui Hardoy
Skye Magnus Atkins
Emma Coates Vidal
Sol Martínez Vivo
Liat Preidikman Stawski
Azul Zorrilla de San Martín del Campo
Guzmán Zugnoni Spinatelli
Chiara María Martínez Sánchez
Ignacio Monsuárez Cervieri
Inés Raffaelli Vigil
Theo Romero Guliak
Rafael Lorenzo Ageno
Ana Inés Alende Verna
Francesca Ferrari Geninazzi
Federico Schuscheim
Juan María Sequeira Pacini
Irina Svetogorsky Redaelli
Elisabeth Ruth Wendel
Abril Alexander
Felipe Crosa Labat
María del Pilar Elgorriaga Bia
Chloe Romero Guliak
María Paulina Seré Fratocchi
Rosina Joaquina Varela Pereyra

Congratulations to them!


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One of the most British of our traditions is the Prefect System.

According to this tradition that has been in place since the beginnings of our School, some of our older students are chosen among all others and given special responsibilities and a certain authority. They represent the School in key events and are a strong link between the students and the Teaching staff.

On Monday 25th, March, our newly elected Prefects read the Oath and signed the Prefects Book that contains the names of all those students who have occupied this position in the past. 

Congratulations to them! 

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Día de la Poesía

21 de marzo DÍA DE LA POESÍA

El Departamento de Español invita a todos a celebrar la literatura y la poesía con los siguientes versos del poeta Vicente Huidobro.

     Que el verso sea como una llave

Que abra mil puertas.
Una hoja cae; algo pasa volando;
Cuanto miren los ojos creado sea,
Y el alma del oyente quede temblando.

     Inventa mundos nuevos y cuida tu palabra;
El adjetivo, cuando no da vida, mata.

     Estamos en el ciclo de los nervios.
El músculo cuelga,
Como recuerdo, en los museos;
Mas no por eso tenemos menos fuerza:
El vigor verdadero
Reside en la cabeza.

     Por qué cantáis la rosa, ¡oh Poetas!
Hacedla florecer en el poema ;

Sólo para nosotros
Viven todas las cosas bajo el Sol.

     El Poeta es un pequeño Dios.


De El espejo de Agua, 1916

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THIMUN - The Hague 2019


24th January – 6th February

The Hague, Netherlands

Since 2015 The British Schools has been attending THIMUN The Hague, a prestigious international conference where more than 150 schools from around the globe share one week of lobbying and debating on the most current issues on the United Nations agenda. For us, the 2019 conference has been the best one so far.

To start with, we were assigned Palestine, a very rich but complex delegation. With the help of two History teachers and a wealth of reliable sources, our students did an excellent job throughout the preparation stage, which started in October 2018.

During the conference, which took place between 28th January and 1st February at The Hague, Netherlands, student participation was outstanding. In fact, MUN Directors from participating schools as well as THIMUN organisers commended our students for their engagement and remarkable public speaking skills.

From our 12-student delegation, we had one chairing the GA5 Committee and two others who passed resolutions, which were then voted in favour. It is important to highlight that once this conference is over, students’ resolutions are shared with members of the United Nations and many are even later considered by the real UN delegates.

In addition, we scheduled a cultural trip before and after the conference. This enriching experience gave students and MUN Directors the chance to learn more about local culture. We visited Amsterdam, Delft and Bruges (Belgium). We went to several museums and students prepared city tours showcasing each city’s rich historical background. We were also invited by the Uruguayan Ambassador at The Hague. There, we were briefed on the work done overseas by the embassy and what it has to offer, a unique opportunity for students who might consider studying abroad.

In conclusion, the trip allowed us to learn about international affairs, history, architecture and more. It honed our research, negotiation and communication skills. It also helped us grow as individuals and, above all, emphasized the value of friendship and teamwork.

In April, The British Schools will be shortly hosting LAMUN, our South American version of THIMUN, with over 200 students from Uruguay and abroad. MUN Club is an excellent opportunity for those students who are intrigued by international affairs and who enjoy the intricacies of debating. Find out more about the Club here




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Senior Prize-Giving Ceremony

The Senior School closed the academic year with the Prize Giving Ceremony attended by Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Uruguay, Mr. Ian Duddy, on Thursday, 6th December.

The speech by the Principal, Mr. Mark Rosevear, was on the need to accept failure as a step on the path to improvement. Students were recognised for their sporting and academic achievements during 2018 and the ceremony saw the passing of the pins from the Prefects and the Head Boy and Head Girl of Generations 1999/2000 to the new generation of Prefects and the Head Boy, Andrés Chang and the Head Girl, Sol Slinger. The ceremony ended with a speech by Mrs. Karen Schandy, Chair of the Board of Governors, where the theme was the constancy of change.

Read here: Mr. Mark Rosevear - Mr. Mark Bromley - Mrs. Karen Schandy

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Retell it yourself - Winners

This writing contest, organised by the English and Spanish Departments, as well as the Library, convoked all of the Senior School students. The objective was to inspire the creative writing skills of our students in both languages.

On this occasion, the contest promoted the retelling of tales of classical literature. Thus, not only was the literary creation valued, but also the updating of the texts that the students read, either in class, or privately. The jury was composed of the English and Spanish Departments and the School Authorities.

The following students received prizes:

Mención Primer Premio Mención
Felicitas González Alexa Miller Mercedes Brause

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