Falkland Islands

On Thursday, 13th September, we were fortunate to have Dr. Barry Elsby come to speak to our 1YL students about the Falkland Islands. He was accompanied by Ms Cecilia Borges and Ms Sarah Cowley from The British Embassy in Uruguay.
Dr Elsby is currently one of eight MLA’s (Member of the Legislative Assembly) elected in the islands. He told the students about the many different types of wildlife, especially the large number and different species of penguins; the social structure; the large number of different nationalities that live there (60 out of total population of 3,200); the growing tourism industry; the types of sport played and the changing economy over the years. He further explained that the Falklands hope to have their own oil supplies in the next few years, and how that will impact the islands, and not just from an economic standpoint.
After his talk, Dr Elsby received many questions from interested students. We would like to thank him for his time and for giving us such a stimulating talk.
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