STBSMUN at the Saint Brendan’s School

On Saturday, 29th September, a delegation of 30 students attended STBSMUN, a Model United Nations conference hosted by Saint Brendan’s School.

The keynote speaker was Susana Mangana, head of the International Policy Programme of the Business School at the Catholic University of Uruguay. Mangana spoke about current humanitarian crises and human rights, and called attention to the plight of malnourished children in Yemen. After praising the commitment and enthusiasm of more than 200 young people from 10 schools, she encouraged them to stay up to date with the news and to continue developing their critical thinking skills.

We congratulate all the participants, and extend a special recognition to:

  • Our new club delegates: Skye Atkins (YL1), Malena Dunski (YL3), Pilar Elgorriaga (YL4), Christian Ingrey (YL3) and Joaquín Molinolo (YL3).
  • YL5 students serving as first-time Chairs: Paulina Cassoni and Elijah Wendel (General Assembly committees).
  • Students whose resolutions were approved: Dikran Bakkalian (YL5) and Paulina Seré (YL5) (Côte d’Ivoire delegation/Security Council), Malena Dunski (Qatar delegation/Human Rights Council) and Enrique Sojo (YL3) (DPRK delegation/ General Assembly - Disarmament and International Security Committee).
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