SUMMUM Cup & Champagnat Tournament

The Summum Cup took place at Woodlands school where our students participated in Hockey and Rugby in the M16 category, achieving very good results.

In Rugby, there were victories against Círculo de Tenis and PSG.

In Hockey, a victory against Woodlands and a draw against Jesús María. Both teams played semifinals in which Polo achieved victory after extra times, and in Hockey, St. Patrick’s won 1-0.

26 students participated in the under M13 in the Torneo Descalzos (Club Champagnat), led by Santiago Civetta and Joaquín Alonso.

They played four matches against Champagnat, Seminario, Lobos and Cuervos.

It was a great event involving more than 800 students from different schools and clubs from Montevideo and the provinces.

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