A green coloured Sunday

Sunday 28th October saw four rugby matches between The British Schools and our old friends and rivals, Stella Maris, in the U14 and U15; and against the Old Christians Club in the U16 and U17 categories.

We are pleased to report that The British Schools won all four games. We would particularly like to congratulate the U17 team who are now the Uruguayan rugby champions. The U15 team won all the matches played in the final rounds of the tournament, although there is no official championship.

Almost 100 students participated on Sunday. No team goes through a season these days without injuries, so the contribution of all squad members is vital to a team’s success. Our teams are coached by former students of the School, many of whom are still playing, and we thank them too for their enthusiasm and dedication. 

The teamwork and effort shown throughout the year has yielded marvelous results!

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