THIMUN - The Hague 2019


24th January – 6th February

The Hague, Netherlands

Since 2015 The British Schools has been attending THIMUN The Hague, a prestigious international conference where more than 150 schools from around the globe share one week of lobbying and debating on the most current issues on the United Nations agenda. For us, the 2019 conference has been the best one so far.

To start with, we were assigned Palestine, a very rich but complex delegation. With the help of two History teachers and a wealth of reliable sources, our students did an excellent job throughout the preparation stage, which started in October 2018.

During the conference, which took place between 28th January and 1st February at The Hague, Netherlands, student participation was outstanding. In fact, MUN Directors from participating schools as well as THIMUN organisers commended our students for their engagement and remarkable public speaking skills.

From our 12-student delegation, we had one chairing the GA5 Committee and two others who passed resolutions, which were then voted in favour. It is important to highlight that once this conference is over, students’ resolutions are shared with members of the United Nations and many are even later considered by the real UN delegates.

In addition, we scheduled a cultural trip before and after the conference. This enriching experience gave students and MUN Directors the chance to learn more about local culture. We visited Amsterdam, Delft and Bruges (Belgium). We went to several museums and students prepared city tours showcasing each city’s rich historical background. We were also invited by the Uruguayan Ambassador at The Hague. There, we were briefed on the work done overseas by the embassy and what it has to offer, a unique opportunity for students who might consider studying abroad.

In conclusion, the trip allowed us to learn about international affairs, history, architecture and more. It honed our research, negotiation and communication skills. It also helped us grow as individuals and, above all, emphasized the value of friendship and teamwork.

In April, The British Schools will be shortly hosting LAMUN, our South American version of THIMUN, with over 200 students from Uruguay and abroad. MUN Club is an excellent opportunity for those students who are intrigued by international affairs and who enjoy the intricacies of debating. Find out more about the Club here




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