On Tuesday, 2nd April, on our weekly Year 1L and Year 2L Assembly, we had a special recognition for Year 1L to Year 4L students with outstanding Academic Achievement during 2018. 

Mr Rosevear introduced the ceremony by mentioning how impressed he was that any student could achieve an average of 12. He added that that he never achieved a high grade when young, being someone who took to academic study better later in his school years. However, he stressed that with hard work and determination, everyone can achieve more. He continued saying that a perfect average is also impressive because it means that the student has done well in every single subject. This means having more options when it comes to choosing subjects or careers, because they have not narrowed their field of study.

Later on, our Head Boy and Head Girl addressed the audience remarking the importance of hard work, practice to achieve mastery and becoming an all rounded student. 

It was a great event to celebrate the effort and achievement of these students:

Martina Arnau Sanguinetti
Federica Arregui Hardoy
Skye Magnus Atkins
Emma Coates Vidal
Sol Martínez Vivo
Liat Preidikman Stawski
Azul Zorrilla de San Martín del Campo
Guzmán Zugnoni Spinatelli
Chiara María Martínez Sánchez
Ignacio Monsuárez Cervieri
Inés Raffaelli Vigil
Theo Romero Guliak
Rafael Lorenzo Ageno
Ana Inés Alende Verna
Francesca Ferrari Geninazzi
Federico Schuscheim
Juan María Sequeira Pacini
Irina Svetogorsky Redaelli
Elisabeth Ruth Wendel
Abril Alexander
Felipe Crosa Labat
María del Pilar Elgorriaga Bia
Chloe Romero Guliak
María Paulina Seré Fratocchi
Rosina Joaquina Varela Pereyra

Congratulations to them!


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