4YL IGCSE Global Perspectives students recently organised Water Week to raise awareness on unsustainable practices to our water systems and the urgent need for immediate attention. The following activities were carried out in different areas of the School.

  • A walk-through tunnel mimicking the ocean featured informative posters and photos of endangered marine life. The exhibit included a few samples of key rings made by TBS students out of used plastic to promote recycling.
  • A bulletin board exhibit explored the impact of plastics on coastal areas for tourism and sports. An accompanying video highlighted beach cleanup efforts.
  • A video presentation showed injuries sustained by sea turtles due to floating plastic debris and offered environmentally-conscious tips.
  • A slide presentation tackled excessive household water use and provided savings recommendations.
  • A board game was developed for F4 Junior School students to highlight ocean pollution due to excessive use of plastic and the urgent need to take action.

Students will now evaluate strengths and weaknesses of these team projects in the reflection component of the IGCSE-GP programme.

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