On Friday, 26th July, the School´s Green Room welcomed one of our former students who came to talk to 4YL students about his experience as a student in NYU University in United Arab Emirates. Martin Stewart is a dearly remebered student by both friends and teaching staff, who was Head Boy in 2017. The year after he graduated he started the application process for NYU UAE. 

In the simple and friendly manner that is his trademark, he shared his experience when applying, the stress he lived when receiving the email that sealed his fate, how he convinced his parents by saying that only 3% of those who applied effectively got a place in the University. Luckily he was one of that 3%.  

Martin shared his rich experience of how it is like to land in a new country with such a different culture: his arrival at the university and the first courses, getting to know people and making new friends, what the city is like and the wonderful desert that surrounds it. He insisted on telling those students who want to study abroad to dream big, sharing with them several tips, advice and suggestions when applying to a University of this sort. He was emphatic when mentioning that high grades were not the only thing that these Universities were interested in: sports, extracurricular activities, CAS, MUN, Arts, etc, were the different aspects that a student must have in order to stand out from the crowd. 

We were delighted to receive Martin and welcome him again. 

Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us!


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