TBS Club de Filosofia: A monthly meeting of minds

It was Bertrand Russel who once said that, “science is what you know, philosophy is what you don’t know.”  The chance to discuss philosophical questions is often restricted to a philosophy class, and this is the main reason the “Club de Filosofia” has been started at The British Schools. 

Everyone can benefit from studying philosophy. To quote Seneca, “as long as you live, keep learning how to live.” In the “Club de Filosofia”, we discuss philosophical texts and connect them to our modern life. Not surprisingly, we often address the themes of happiness, liberty, and freedom of choice.

We philosophize in Spanish and call it “Club de Filosofia” because we believe this modality assumes ownership and belonging. Forming part of a club means that people are committed to attend, read the assigned text and participate with interest. The Club is open to students in Years 4, 5 and 6 since the themes can be more mature and address complex ideas.

Moderated by Maria Acle, Diego Paseyro and Nicholas Drever, this Club is a voluntary, extra-curricular activity that allows students and teachers to discuss philosophical texts and ideas, without the looming academic marker. We meet in the AJ Hobson Senior Library the last Thursday of every month and philosophize about a question based on a philosophical text. The discussions are always thought-provoking, often leading to more questions than answers, and for us that is okay.

These are some reflections made by students who participate in the Club de Filosofia:

"To me, the Club is more than a mere school extracurricular activity. It is the opportunity to develop ideas encountered in Philosophy class, to discover fresh interpretations and get to know other students better. It provides continuity to the ideas that concern us the most and it’s acquiring its own personality. As the discussion develops month by month, it is clear what issues we ruminate the most: happiness, solidarity and egoism amongst others." Paulina Cassoni, Y6

“The Philosophy Club provides a chance to listen to the thoughts of other students who I would not otherwise get to know.   It’s also an opportunity to read philosophical texts that are new to me and to contemplate issues I wouldn’t have questioned if I wasn’t there.”

Constanza Foderé, Y5

"When I was first told by Diego about the Philosophy Club, I was thrilled. Oddly enough, I felt intrigued not because I am a savant of philosophy or anything like it, but rather because I simply knew I'm ignorant of philosophy and eager to learn. The Club has done wonders for all of us; from Dikkran's intricate explanations to Renata's polemical comments, we have found a place that welcomes all of those that are willing to question, argue and learn from each other."

Dylan Fairless, Y4

"The philosophy club the is newest of the school’s extracurricular activities offered to students. Once a month, students from fourth, fifth and sixth year come together in the library to talk, discuss, learn and reflect upon timeless philosophical issues explored by humanity through its history. Its an open space where growth is experienced not only individually, but as a group. It allows students together with Diego Paseyro, Maria Acle and Nick Drever to explore ideas that beyond school subjects and get to know each other in a completely different environment that still within the school’s walls". Pilar Elgorriaga


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