On Saturday, 28th September, we attended STBsMUN with 23 students. At this Model United Nations conference organised by St. Brendan’s School, we represented Brazil, Equatorial Guinea and the United Kingdom.

We have many reasons to be proud of:

  • Nine new club members joined us for the first time. Asia Balut (YL1), Luciana Bunt (YL3), Francisco Fulquet (YL1), Carmen Gomensoro (YL3), Felicitas Picolo (YL2) and Delfina Rivero (YL3) participated as delegates. In addition, Maia Lyford-Pike (YL3), Joaquín Salmon (YL2) and Valentina Sapia (YL3) made up the Media Team.
  • Bunt, Fulquet and Rivero passed resolutions related to deforestation and biodiversity loss, inequality faced by the LGBTQ+ community, and access to safe drinking water.
  • A resolution addressing police repression in Hong Kong, presented by Malena Jorba (YL4) and Agustín López (YL3) within the Security Council, was debated in this forum.
  • Valentina Monsuárez (YL4) helped monitor the performance of our club members. Her remarks will be useful to improve preparation for future conferences.
  • YL4 students Dylan Fairless, Francesca Ferrari and Juan Sequeira demonstrated knowledge while chairing the debate in their respective committees.

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