One of the most British of our traditions is the Prefect System which has been in place since the beginnings of our School. Some of our older students are chosen among all others and given special responsibilities and a certain authority. They represent the School in key events and are a strong link between the students and the Teaching staff.  

Being a Prefect is a privilege and an honour. Being a Prefect means Responsibility, Work, Dedication and Generosity within the School-wide community.  Prefects are chosen from older students in both Junior and Senior. The Prefect has been carefully chosen because he or she shares the values that the School represents.

2021-2022 prefects are:


Sofía Civetta
Agustina Crosa
Violeta Lacalle
Delfina Paullier
Federico Armas
Bautista Martínez
Mateo Pilorget
Theo Romero

Anna Beare
Valentina Monsuárez
Irina Svetogorsky
Francisco Algorta
Francisco Defféminis
Dylan Fairless

Head Boy: Juan María Sequeira
Head Girl: Francesca Ferrari



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