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The British Schools U17 Champions - 6a edición "Dr. Atilio Rienzi" Torneo

The Tournament took place on the fields of Camino Mendoza and Camino de Los Viñedos –  better known as the “Cuervos fields”.  The British Schools U17 beat local rivals Old Christians 8 - 3 in a closely fought final.

The British Schools U15 team also played brilliantly; reached the semi-finals and only just missed out on victory.

Sebastián Freyre - 4th Year Liceo - received the award for
Player of the Tournament.


Congratulations to the players and trainers on this outstanding achievement.


Nos llena de orgullo comunicarles que el Campeonato Liga de Hockey Mundial FIH Ronda 2 (femenino) se jugará en la cancha de hockey sintético en The British Schools, desde el 14 hasta el 22 de febrero.

El costo del torneo será de $100 (cien pesos uruguayos) y la entrada al público será por la calle Arias 7000.

Participarán las selecciones de Uruguay, Italia, Francia, Azerbaiyán, México, República Dominicana, Trinidad y Tobago y Kenia.

En la selección uruguaya de Hockey participarán Mercedes Coates y Federika Kempner jugadoras de Old Girls.

Confiamos en que entre todos lograremos que este torneo sea un gran éxito y esperamos contar con el apoyo de la gran familia compuesta por nuestro colegio y por nuestro club.

Para acceder a todos los horarios de los partidos y a toda la información respecto a este torneo, ingresa en

The Youth Olympic Games

The Youth Olympic Games (YOG) are a quadrennial multi-sport event organised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the participating athletes from around the world are aged between 14 and 18 years old.

China is ready to accommodate over 3,500 athletes competing in 30 different disciplines. The event will take place in Nanjing (one of the earliest established cities in what is now China) and will start on Saturday, 16th August with the Opening Ceremony, and finish with the Closing Ceremony taking place on Thursday, 28th.

Athletics, basketball, equestrian jumping, field hockey, swimming, table tennis, sailing and beach volleyball female and male are the disciplines in which Uruguay is represented in Nanjing 2014.

We wish our students María Cecilia Casarotti, Milagros Algorta and Paula Costa (participating in field hockey) the greatest success in this exciting event. Participation in this prestigious competition will be an historic moment for The British Schools and an unforgettable experience for the students taking part.

Rugby Results

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Sunday, 10th August

  Under 13  TBS - 86  vs Lobos - 0 

Under 15  TBS - 38  vs Lobos - 10 

Under 17  TBS - 78  vs Lobos - 10

Sporting Exchanges

For more than 30 years, The British Schools and the St. Andrew’s Scots School in Buenos Aires have been sharing sporting exchanges.  These exchanges include Rugby, Hockey and Basketball matches for Senior students and Rugby and Hockey matches for Junior students in Form 6.

These activities not only provide an opportunity for students to strengthen existing bonds of friendship and build new ones, they also promote teamwork, values and fair play, and enhance personal growth as well as physical development.

Philadelphia Tour 2014

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TBS players began training at the beginning of February to work on their skills and build their stamina as they prepare physically and mentally for this challenging tour in the USA.  Using the right equipment is an equally important aspect of the sport – some tips offered by leading experts include:

Choosing the Right Hockey Stick - there are two sizing methods to use when choosing a hockey stick:

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