Celebrating learning through the PYP Exhibition

On Thursday 22nd October, Form 5 students were delighted to present their findings and conclusions in person to their classmates and mentors. 

This year´s Form students did not have it easy. They all had to work extremely hard to drive their group inquiry and conduct their research in this new situation. The resilience and perseverance shown by the students, the teachers and the mentors involved has been a highlight of this journey.

The presence of families, who have always supported students on this day, was sorely missed, as they not only bring a very important emotional component to the event but also provide us with an audience to which students can transmit their newly acquired knowledge. 

As a strategy for sharing students' learning process and presentations with families, each group had it’s own Google Site where evidence of their inquiry process was uploaded: how they got to know one another and what their interests were, their essential agreements, questions, research results, their chosen action, photo galleries, videos, interviews with specialists and their personal reflections. There is also a video of the final presentation for families to watch at home.

We would like once again to congratulate all Form 5 students, who despite the challenges imposed by sanitary protocols, presented their learning not only to classmates, Form Teachers and mentors but also to the wider community, in an exceptional manner during the PYP Exhibition 2020. The process clearly demonstrates the inquisitive nature of our students and shows that they are well on their way to becoming global-minded individuals.

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