This week, we welcomed back the 2020 Generation for their delayed Graduation, first in December last year, then again in March this year.  

It was a Graduation and IB Diploma ceremony combined, and the names of those students who successfully scored over 40 points were read out, as were those prize winners from last year.

The majority of the students and their parents attended, and all students were presented with their Graduation medals. For those studying overseas, the medals were presented to family member. There was a musical interlude with an excellent rendition by Irina Svetogorosky and Paulina Ravecca from 6YL of ‘Roots Before Branches’ by Room for Two

It was a very enjoyable occasion, and great to see the former students and their parents once more.


Mark Rosevear

Paulina Seré (Head Girl)

Felipe Crosa (Head Boy)


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