During this month, we began generating awareness on children´s rights. As an action we held our annual Interhouse Toy Campaign. It was a cheerful and colourful day as the whole school community come together to care for others in need. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that made this day possible and specially the families for taking special care while choosing the toys they wanted to share with others. The toys were sorted by our CAS students taking every necessary precaution considering the current situation. 

The toys will remain "in quarantine" during the recommended time before they can be delivered to: CAIF and Club de niños “La Esperanza”, CAIF “Santa Mónica”, Plato Caliente, CEPRODHI, and Club de niños “La Casita” to celebrate el Día del Niño.




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En el marco de las actividades que el Colegio junto al Committee de Parents organizan para acompañar a nuestros alumnos en la toma de decisiones respecto a su futuro profesional, se llevó a cabo una nueva edición de Workviews.  

Este año los alumnos de 4YL trabajaron en el Form Period con entrevistas realizadas a importantes profesionales.  

Por otro lado, los alumnos de 5YL tuvieron la oportunidad de asistir virtualmente a paneles en los que 33 profesionales destacados en distintas áreas compartieron sus trayectorias y anécdotas y les brindaron a los alumnos la posibilidad de intercambiar con ellos.  


School Houses are one of the School’s core traditions. But what do you really know about our Houses?

Boys' Houses were first named after early Headmasters, then names for the girls' Houses were chosen and colours given to align them with the boys'.

The names of the Houses are:

GIRLS                                                    BOYS

QUEENS (blue)                                  JONES (blue)

KINGS   (red)                                      BLOUNT (red)

PRINCES (green)                               CUFF (green)

Every year, House Captains and Vice-Captains are appointed by an election process in which students and staff participate. Some of the attributes looked for include being a positive leader, having a strong sense of School Spirit, being supportive to friends and peers, responsible and committed, being respectful and fair and having good organisation skills. We use Houses competitively but in friendly competition, academic, quizzes, sports, etc.

This long-standing tradition always evokes a tremendous sense of camaraderie and School Spirit, as students across age groups compete for those most treasured of all treasures – House Points!

Since the whole School is divided into the three colours, students and staff from each of the Houses, Queens & Jones, Princes & Cuff and Kings & Blount, combine their skills and talents to collaborate in whichever competition is organised:Treasure hunts, Quidditch matches, Quizzes, Sports events, etc. 

Children whose parents are alumni continue the tradition of being the same House as their families. 


For more information on our School Houses, check on the article on page 12 on Insight.  

Our Awareness and Celebration campaign of June was based on the UN theme: “Global Health”. 

During this month we generated awareness on the different medical issues and the different advances in medicine around the world that have united us in a common goal. 

As an action for this campaign, our students were invited to participate in an essay competition hosted by Teletón Centre on Empathy, Inclusion and Diversity. The winners' stories will be published in “Diario El País”.

Two senior students created a poster (Victoria Coiran) and video (Paula Pérez) to support our campaign. 



On 12 June, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 95th birthday and to commemorate this joyous occasion, the British Embassy in Uruguay gifted 95 Ibirapitá trees to several institutions in Uruguay. One of these trees found its way to a spot in our fields. 

This tree is a symbol of the historic friendship that unites Uruguay and the United Kingdom and is also a sign of the shared commitment to caring for the environment. It is also aligned with the initiative launched by Prince Charles to celebrate Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee, 70 years on the throne, by means of which people and insititutions from all over the world will be invited to plant a tree throughout 2021 and 2022 as a message of hope and faith for the future. 

We welcomed Mrs Faye O' Connor OBE, the British Ambassador in Uruguay to our School on a sunny morning in June, where together with some Form 3B students, Mr Mark Rosevear, Mr Ian McConnell and other members of the Board and the British Society, planted the Ibirapitá.  


CMUN - Crandon MUN

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CMUN conference

Crandon Model United Nations (CMUN) is a one-day MUN conference which takes place once a year. It was put together by Crandon Institute. This year, due to the pandemic, it was an online conference: students discussed varied issues in online meetings. It took place on Saturday 29th May. Twenty two students from The British Schools (TBS) participated in CMUN, two of them participated as chairs, and six students passed resolutions. TBS also had a debutante student who passed a resolution as the Russian Federation. The conference was split into five committees: Security Council, General Assembly (GA) one, GA three, GA four and the Environmental committee.

Regarding the Security Council, delegates discussed the situation of the conflict between the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) and Sudan People's Liberation Movement-in-Opposition (SPLM-IO) in Sudan and South Sudan. The Republic of Sudan passed the resolution.

In General Assembly (GA) 1 - Disarmament and International Security, Fostering the implementation of worldwide nuclear disarmament commitments was discussed. In this committee, the Republic of Iraq’s  resolution was passed

The GA 3 - Strengthening of the coordination of humanitarian and disaster relief assistance of the United Nations, including special economic assistance. In this GA, the Republic of Iraq’s resolution was passed.

In GA 4 - Special Political and Decolonization, A debuting student passed their resolution as the Russian Federation, which dealt with the ethical responsibilities of international corporations in war-torn regions, such as Syria.

The delegates in the Environmental committee discussed ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for less economically developed countries. Once again the Russian Federation’s resolution was passed.

Despite the challenges the pandemic the organizers faced, they managed to successfully organise the conference via virtual meetings, for the second year in a row.


EYC - Juego simbólico

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Dar sentido al mundo que les rodea

Cuando pensamos en la infancia, pensamos en el juego. El juego es la actividad natural de los niños y es a través de él que conocen y comprenden el mundo que les rodea. 

En los primeros años, el juego es el principal vehículo para enseñar y aprender. Hemos creado diferentes espacios de aprendizaje para promover el juego, lo que hace que el aprendizaje sea significativo para nuestros alumnos.

El área compartida es una zona dinámica que cambia en función de la Unidad de Indagación en curso. Los alumnos asumen diferentes papeles y representan experiencias de la vida real, utilizan elementos de utilería y de simulación para profundizar su comprensión del mundo; desarrollan un vocabulario específico, importante para una comunicación fluida, aprenden a cooperar con los demás, a resolver problemas y a pensar de forma abstracta. Todas ellas, habilidades fundamentales para el desarrollo del niño. 

"¡Puedo crecer grande y fuerte” es el nombre de la actual Unidad de Indagación, y el área compartida se ha convertido en un Hospital! Los alumnos de Kinder están indagando sobre los hábitos saludables, el cuerpo y, por supuesto, y muy importante para ellos, lo que ocurre cuando enfermamos. Simulan ser médicos, pacientes, secretarias y recepcionistas ocupados. Algunos comparten sus experiencias, otros sus miedos y conocimientos previos. Se trata de una Unidad muy significativa teniendo en cuenta la situación sanitaria actual, y lo importante que es proporcionar a los alumnos la oportunidad de entenderla a través del juego. Este año, más que nunca, ¡podemos crecer grandes y fuertes!


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The first week of term provided the perfect opportunity for Form 6 to be officially welcomed back by Mr Rosevear, our Principal and Mr Mallon, Head of Junior. It was wonderful to be able to safely gather together (socially distanced of course) in the Auditorium and learn about the high levels of trust and expectation that will be placed upon our oldest students in Junior School this year.

Mr Mallon went on to discuss the importance of making the correct CHOICES in daily life and how embodying the IB Learner Profile traits this year will allow our Form 6 students to be successful both in and out of school. Students were asked to reflect on which traits were their strengths and which still required further development. Next up are the Form 5´s!



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