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Food Services

The food services at the School are provided by an independent Catering Group who employ their own staff to serve the catering needs of the whole School. 

Meals are prepared and served daily. These services are provided under the supervision of, and in liaison with, the School Nutritionist who ensures the selection includes healthy and well-balanced options. Most food is prepared on site using the School’s two fully equipped kitchens (Sports House and Pavilion). Snacks and refreshments are also available from three kiosks located in Senior, Sports House, and Pavilion.

The British Schools offers a choice of three lunch options for students and parents to choose between:

  • Lunch of the Day (Ticket) : The School Menu is published weekly on the Homepage
  • Packed Lunch: Students bring their lunch from home. As energy levels peak when they are in School, it is important that the food is healthy, something that they enjoy, and portions should be appropriate for each child - so that they eat sufficiently. The School provides a service for heating food. Students are required to bring cutlery inside their clearly labelled lunch box (place mat, glass or bottle flask,fork and spoon).
  • Home: Students have the option to go home for lunch, although, in order to avoid the disruption of daily routines, this practice is somewhat discouraged by our teaching staff. Currently, only parents can pick up their children from School at midday.